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Chessboard of Life

This blog is in continuation of my previous blog The Rise of Spirit Picture Courtesy The teacher of Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Jaffer-e-Sadiq progeny of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), has said in one of his sermons for the moral and social development of the children; ‘A child’s age should be divided into three stages. From 1 to… Continue reading Chessboard of Life

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The Rise of Spirit

Picture Courtesy Since I started teaching Ethics, my mind started boggling to understand the meaning of life. During this awkward (in the eyes of many of us) journey of exploring the ‘SELF’, I came up with the idea, being shared here under: The idea of writing this article came into my mind while I was… Continue reading The Rise of Spirit

Eduaction, Ethics, Humanity, Philosophy

Life as EYE see

This blog is about IQ, EQ and SQ.