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I had been trying to find the exact meaning of soul and/or spirit and what I have found is an ambiguous meaning attached to both the words. At times, I found that the two words have been used interchangeably. So instead of getting into the nitty-gritty of exact meaning of the two words under consideration, I… Continue reading The SOUL

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Anger Management

The black color depicts negativity, whereas white reflects positivism. This blog is an extension of making analogy of Black and White. I come home in the evening from work and cook something in a cooking pan (which is usually black in color), to eat . Once I am done with cooking, the pan is put… Continue reading Anger Management

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The Rise of Spirit

Picture Courtesy Since I started teaching Ethics, my mind started boggling to understand the meaning of life. During this awkward (in the eyes of many of us) journey of exploring the ‘SELF’, I came up with the idea, being shared here under: The idea of writing this article came into my mind while I was… Continue reading The Rise of Spirit