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I had been trying to find the exact meaning of soul and/or spirit and what I have found is an ambiguous meaning attached to both the words. At times, I found that the two words have been used interchangeably.

So instead of getting into the nitty-gritty of exact meaning of the two words under consideration, I am using the word soul to express my thoughts in the blog rather than getting my audience confused with the jargon.

The reason why I want to make use of the word soul for this blog is that I have read the word ‘soul searching’ quite often but never spirit searching. And since my current blog is more about exploring ‘self’ through soul searching, so it is more appropriate to use the word soul for the title of my blog.

The moment body of a baby gets the soul, all the metabolic functions are activated inside the body. In quite a few management related training, especially on ‘Change’, quite a few trainers (humorously) quote the example of an uncomfortable baby in the diaper by saying that in the entire universe, only a baby wholeheartedly accepts change (changing diaper). As the baby grows and comes out into the world, mother’s top priority is to keep the baby clean and baby by nature is more uncomfortable when he pees or poops. This practice of keeping the body clean continues by all sane humans until the end of their life.

Recently my elder brother died and since his entire family was outside the country, so his dead body was kept in the cold storage for a day. Upon asking the reason why it was kept in the cold storage, I came to know that, the dead body, if kept in open, it starts stinking within hours, as it decomposes.

At that very moment, the idea to write this blog clicked my mind. What I conclude from the concept just shared is, by nature the soul is pure. The moment it enters the body, it tries to keep the body clean from all kind of filth. The moment we (humans) accumulate pee and/or poop, it has to be excreted out of the body, even the fart cannot remain inside the body, else we become uncomfortable. Here the distinction of human is made because animals don’t have to wait to get rid of their poop or pee, they do so wherever they are without being careful about keeping themselves away from the filth.

When we die and the soul gets out of our body, the body either has to be buried or cremated or has to be kept in cold storage, if the descendants want it to be preserved for long period of time, so that it does not stink. What an amazing concept, we seldom care about looking at the nature of soul, which is pure and free from filth and stinking and where ever it goes or rests, it keeps it (our body) pure and filth free as well.

The sweat (having bad odor) is also excreted out of the body, but it remains on the body and causes uncomfortable feeling. So, if we are able to take shower immediately, we do so, else we have deodorants and perfumes to keep the body smell good, but keeping the soul good is more important then the body, as the body will be buried, but the soul will last forever.

I have added this question after I received a comment from one of my friend Sulaiman Dawood.   “Soul keeps the body alive and does not clean”.

To make my point clear let me tell you that there is a difference between ‘ME’ and ‘MY’. I have MY hands, eyes, ears, legs tongue, heart etc. but I am wondering to know where is ME.

I have eyes, can they see if I close them? I have ears, can they listen, if I don’t want to? I have hands, can they work, if I don’t ask them to, and the list goes on…

It is ME who asks MY eyes to see, it is ME who asks MY ears to listen, it is ME who asks MY hands to work and the list goes on…

ME is my soul and MY is my body. My body is useless, if I don’t have soul, because it is my soul, which has the power to govern my body.

So for any reason, if we have yet not tried to keep our soul (by virtue of the power it has to govern the body) as pure as it was in the beginning, it is time for us to re-think and make it as pure as possible, by continuously reflecting through soul searching and acquiring wisdom.


Listen to the sound of SOUL.

Sajjad Hussain

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Anger Management


The black color depicts negativity, whereas white reflects positivism. This blog is an extension of making analogy of Black and White.

I come home in the evening from work and cook something in a cooking pan (which is usually black in color), to eat . Once I am done with cooking, the pan is put under the tap and I see it cools down with a hissing sound and white fumes come out of it into the air.

I made an analogy considering myself as the cooking pan (as I have quite a few shortcomings in my wheeling dealing). When I get angry its like the cooking pan is put on the stove. What is being cooked is like anger (which is actually danger).

Holy  Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in one of his sermons has asked his followers to drink water if they get angry, also if you are standing, sit down and if you are sitting lie down.

So as I get angry, it is like I as a pan is put on fire, I drink water which is like putting the pan under tap and the white fumes are like my soul (soul is usually portrayed as white fumes levitating in the air), getting cleansed.

Anger actually suffocates your soul and drinking water actually cleanses the soul to make it pure. Follow this method to manage your anger and share your experience, if it works, thanks.

Sajjad Hussain

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The Rise of Spirit


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Since I started teaching Ethics, my mind started boggling to understand the meaning of life. During this awkward (in the eyes of many of us) journey of exploring the ‘SELF’, I came up with the idea, being shared here under:

The idea of writing this article came into my mind while I was engaged in a discussion with one of my friends Mr. Yousuf Ali Mehmood on the life, death, spirit, soul and body. I am putting my thoughts herein for your critical inputs.

In mathematics, when we want to draw graphs in two dimension, we draw X and Y axis. On X-axis, we have independent variables and on Y-axis we have dependent variables. X-axis is drawn horizontally, whereas the Y-axis rises vertically up.

There are two types of dreams, the dreams, which we see in the night, and day dreams. The dreams in the night are beyond our control, so we can put them on X-axis. The dreams which we see during day time are very much in our control i.e. they are dependent, so we can put them on Y-axis. In other words, we can say that the dreams which we see during day time are not dreams; they are our plans which we want to implement in our lives for success. When anything is done using proper planning, the chances of success rise.

When I look at my own body, I see quite a few things which are dependent and others are independent. My heart and lungs are independent of my acts, whereas my eyes and hands are very much dependent on me.


If I manage to use those body parts, which are dependent on my actions, effectively, I am bound to rise.

Our age is dependent on time and as such we can put it on X-axis and our mental capability, which is very much dependent on us, can be placed on Y-axis. So, as we keep making use of our abstract mind to explore the world around, we can see what is otherwise invisible to our naked eyes.

Previously, all the jobs advertised, demanded people with high IQ. Various researches have now revealed that people with high IQ fail miserably in their professional career, whereas people with low IQ but high EQ, excel in organizations. That is one of the reasons why, people from the lower tier of organization are promoted to higher level only after having gone through soft skills training, wherein they are trained for maintaining a balance between IQ and EQ.

Research has also shown that, while making decisions, men think rationally and females think emotionally. All the living beings are created in pairs, so are humans. The wedlock of man and woman is like marriage of rational (IQ) and emotional (EQ) thinking, the outcome is SQ (a new born baby is as pure as spirit).

If this model is applied on the management model where there are three tiers of management i.e. operational, tactical and strategic management. We will have the following model for understanding the significance of IQ, EQ and SQ.


The teacher of Iman Abu Hanifa, Imam Jaffer-e-Sadiq, progeny of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), has said in one of his sermons; A child’s age should be divided into three stages for the sake of his moral development, to make him/her a responsible citizen.

From 1 to 7 years of age; treat him like a ‘KING’, from the age of 7 until 14, treat him like a slave and from 14 until 21 treat him like your advisor and then leave him into society and he would a responsible citizen.

The reason for various treatments in these ages is elaborated as under:

When a child is born, he is exploring the world, so we need to give him full freedom to understand the world his own way. From the age of 7 until 14 he is going through physical transition, and at this premature age, his chances of getting involved in bad habits are very high. So we need to treat him as slave so that we can make him understand the intricacies of life the right way. From the age of 14 until 21, we need to treat him as advisor, because by remaining under severe suppression during his adolescence period, he has lost his self confidence and now is the time to help him regain his lost confidence so that when he goes into the society, he would be a perfect citizen because he has got the right kind of training until the age of 21 years. This may have been the reason that age of adult franchise used to be 21.

Now again applying this theory in the context of communication.

Any information is first considered to be data and applying it on the age of a child, during his early days into life everything is data for him. When he gets into the second phase of his life, this data is converted into information. After adolescence, he is now in a position to understand and relate information with his real life situations. So this information is now transformed into knowledge. When the child has gone through this rigorous training cycle of playing with data to convert it into information and then making relationships to make sense out of this information to convert it into knowledge makes him get ready to change the world through his wisdom. This wisdom coupled with his vision for life would develop his SQ.

Now if we apply all these concepts on the Management Model given above, we can see that if an ethically trained individual takes charge of an organization, he would change the whole organization into a socially responsible corporate giant, as Ethics has a boomerang effect.

Another aspect worth noting is that we have been made dependent in all aspects of our life and this dependency shows that if we work as a team we are bound to rise organizationally and spiritually.

There are still a lot of concepts intertwined within the article which need to be researched.

Continued in the next blog titled Chessboard of Life.

Sajjad Hussain