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Beautiful Mind

The other day I asked my wife to cook something really mouth watering, as I was fed up with the usual stuff every now and then. She cooked a wonderful meal for me yesterday and while I was having my dinner, I came up with this idea, which I am sharing here for my audience… Continue reading Beautiful Mind

Eduaction, Ethics, Philosophy, Self development, Symbolism, Wisdom

Opting for a Religion

Disclaimer:          This blog is written for people across the world keeping in view various beliefs and religions existing, and to give the reader a thought based on logic, without any intention of asking my reader to change his/her belief. This time around, I am replicating my answer to a question posted on Quora, “Which… Continue reading Opting for a Religion

Eduaction, Ethics, Philosophy, Religion, Self development, Symbolism, Wisdom

Operations Manual

Any thing moving, when gets faulty has to be repaired making use of the operations manual so does the humans also have an operations manual, read it.

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Philosophy – Subjective or Objective

Picture Courtesy When people see around them, they see everything as 'data'. Those who have gone through some education, they get 'information', out of that 'data'. When that 'data' is analyzed, making use of the mind, is converted into 'knowledge'. Men with 'knowledge' are in a position to ponder deep into the hidden meanings to form… Continue reading Philosophy – Subjective or Objective

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Of Philosophy, Religion, Literature, and Arts

Picture Courtesy Humility + Man = HUMAN So man with humility makes a human and study of humans is humanities. The curiosity to know something came to the minds of humans through 'WHY' and this 'Why' became the basis of PHILOSOPHY. When humans started understanding the philosophy, they came up with various ideologies, which formed… Continue reading Of Philosophy, Religion, Literature, and Arts

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Picture Courtesy  YES, I have been through this thought recently and after having gone through quite a few personal experiences, I have come to realize the fact that art is the driving force behind all the sciences. To understand anything abstract you need to have some kind of analogy to absorb the abstract reality. Because… Continue reading ART vs SCIENCE