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I have been through traumatic situation all through my adolescent years, whose remnants still haunt me even after 30 years of pain and suffering. I tried to find the reason and I did get it. Though I had to pay a huge price for this ailment, but one thing I have come to realize is that every thing happens for a reason, and after having gone through this trauma, I got a chance to ponder and found the meaning of life.

Over these years I have seen people suffering from various ailments for one reason or the other. If we keep thinking about their (sufferings) causes, we will come to realize the fact that there is always a reason behind all the sufferings and hence scientists start working to find the cure and ultimately they get it through research to assuage the sufferings of the ailing humanity.

Are we justified in thinking that the cure was existing before it was explored, if yes then why in the first place we were unable to find it, why did we need to go through the pain and suffering before it could be found.

HE created the ‘suffering & pain’ and HE created the ‘cure’, but didn’t tell us “HOW”, CQUN1zcWwAAZUiF

because HE wanted us to explore it ourselves, so that we can understand HIM (fully, having absolute power) through critical thinking and scientific reasoning and not because some self proclaimed custodian of religion has asked us to know HIM and obey HIM.

Sajjad Hussain

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As a teacher, I tell my students that I am here to tell you the ‘Why, What, When, Where, and for Who/Whom (5 Ws) about the subject(s), I am teaching. As far as How (1 H) is concerned, I leave it unto you to decide, how to do, what you have been taught.


Then I came across the following quote by Peter Hitchens.


I live in a society, where free thinking is considered a taboo, and pupil and the masses, are forced to think the way, their ‘masters’ ask them to think. (For more on it, read my blog: Think Before You Are Thought).

creativeBy telling the students how to do, are we not killing their creative pursuits?

It is said that all the living beings are born free, but that’s not true, as we all are born out of our own will. Does that mean, that we have the right to live our lives, the way we want to live?

On a broader canvas, yes, but unfortunately that’s not the case. Whether we like it or not, we are somehow or the other, forced to live, as our ‘elders’ want us to live. We develop certain biases, for or against, people around us.

These biases compel us all, to be coercive in our approach, towards the ‘born free’. Even the strong proponents of free will and free thinking people, at times, are coercive to the core, to impose their will on those, who are under their influence, by virtue of their age, gender, culture, social norms, class, race, color, creed, and status etc.

The fight for survival, in this coercive society, ripe with the forces unleashed on the free-thinking people, will continue till the D-day. Chances are, that the people on both sides of the divide will keep fighting among themselves and within their own selves, as at times, they also have a tendency of being coercive as described above.

I on my part, keep thinking if I am approaching my students with that same liberty of free thinking or coercion. This approach has developed in me (to some extent), a sense of tolerance towards my wards.

But to induce this same approach (a daunting task) in my students to inculcate tolerance among them, would it not be considered ‘coercion’?

Sajjad Hussain




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Human Brain is a physical entity capable of seeing things through eyes and Human Mind is an abstract reality capable of visualizing the invisible through thought process. I like to name this gift of God, a THIN KING residing in our heads.

Keeping in view  the potential of this KING, I have come up with a quote, which I am sharing here for your reflecting pleasure.


Train your Brain


to convert it into MIND

~ Sajjad Hussain

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Reverse Thinking


This is in continuation with my previous blog Ticking Clock.


Any bottle, be it medicine or ketchup, in order to get the content out from inside the bottle, you need to open it up by moving the cap counterclockwise. Even the door lock of your house can only be opened, if the key is moved counterclockwise.

670px-Open-a-Bottle-of-Water-Step-4-Version-2Picture Courtesy

Is it not baffling your mind that how on earth there is semblance of symmetry in all the things around us. I am sure that the person who thought about the cap on the bottle to be moved counterclockwise to open, and the person who invented the lock in the first place, were two different people, but they thought the same way for something to open.

coming-home-unlocking-door1Picture Courtesy

Now let’s find out how is it linked with my previous blog. In my previous blog, I have talked about clockwise movement of our life for gauging the age, with the counter clockwise movement of heavenly bodies. My understanding about these movements (I may be wrong) is that actually it is counterclockwise move which opens up anything, be it your mind.

Most of the people think the way everyone is thinking (to get to understand what do I mean by this analogy, read my blog by following the link Against the Odds, whereas in order to get to understand the hidden meaning of life, you will have to start thinking the other way round, which will open up altogether new vistas.

In electro-magnetics, the right hand rule is a way to predict the direction of a force in a magnetic field. To predict the behavior of positive charges, use your right hand. To predict the behavior of negative charges, use your left hand. 

right_hand_rulePicture Courtesy 

Amazingly if you look at the concept above, you will see that the counterclockwise movement of your right hand is taken as positive and the thumb directs you in the positive Y direction. The negativity is attributed to left hand and the counterclockwise movement of your left hand will direct you in the negative Y direction, and clockwise movement of your left hand will direct you in the positive Y direction.

(I am sorry to admit that quite a few concepts are not as easy to digest as I am trying to make them understandable to you. I can only request you to please bear with me on this count)

According to Neuro-scientists, the right brain thinks artistically whereas the left thinks logically, which  in a way substantiates one of my previous arguments described in my another blog Art vs Science.

12366900_10153829038580746_1327532239_nPicture Courtesy

In order to be logical in your approach, you need to make use of your mind artistically first and then let it think in the reverse direction to end up in a logical conclusion.

That thinking would come your way, when you start thinking against the usual thought process and that is only possible when you open your mind through ‘Reverse Thinking.’

Continues in the next blog ….. Discus Throw

Sajjad Hussain




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Ticking Clock


The other day I was talking to my students of Ethics and came to visualize something unusual, which I am sharing here with you.

In Cartesian coordinate system, clockwise movement is taken as negative and counterclockwise as positive for solving various mathematical problems.


Picture Courtesy

Whereas the movement of almost all the heavenly bodies is counterclockwise. (Ref.: Science Blogs)

spinning-globe-oPicture Courtesy

Even the Tawaaf (circular movement) of pilgrims around Holy Ka’aba is counterclockwise.


Picture Courtesy 

To further elaborate my point of view, here is an excerpt from my previous blog Dependently Independent


Let’s take yet another example; while drawing a graph, we put independent quantities on X-axis and dependent values on Y-axis.

If we look at our own body, we have quite a few parts of our body, dependent and others independent. For example, my heart and lungs are independent (whether I like it or not they keep doing their work irrespective of my will) so I can put them on X-axis while my eyes, hands and ears are dependent (because if I don’t want to see something I have the power to close my eyes), so I can put them on Y-axis.

Now if I look at the graph closely, X axis is drawn horizontally and Y-axis is drawn vertically leading up. So if I want to rise from my level (which will make me human), I have the power to do so by virtue of the power, I have to control my dependent body parts and rise.

With every single passing day, we feel as if we are growing in age (i.e. positive), whereas actually we are getting close to our death, i.e. to say that we are moving in the negative direction to get close to our destiny.

Our lives begin with sand and end in sand as we are buried inside sand, when we die. The clock of life is ticking in clockwise direction and the earth is rotating in counterclockwise direction, so whether we like it or not, we are bound to get to our destiny.

Written here under is a verse with the same concept in Urdu (my native language) by one of the poet.


Looking at these symbols of nature, during this unusual journey from life to death, we are being reminded every day to look for cues, scattered all around us, to find the ultimate truth, which is hidden everywhere in symbols.


Continues in the next blog ….. Reverse Thinking


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Tunnel Vision

tunnel-visionPicture Courtesy

You must have had a chance to go through a tunnel while travelling to country side or even within the city through an underpass. A tunnel is a closed capsule type path open on both the ends, but at times it is closed at one end as well.

While entering a tunnel you might have noticed that it was open all around before entering the tunnel but the moment you entered in, it all turned out to be closed and it’s mostly dark inside, unless lit by the government to facilitate the commuters.

Let me make an analogy, when you are not thinking, you are bombarded by a lot of data and information scattered all around, but the moment you start thinking, all your diversions are focused on to single thought you are thinking, to convert that data and information into knowledge through continuous experimentation. It’s like roaming in a dark tunnel in search of light.

The moment you are out of tunnel, you are free to move around, wherever you want to, but the moment you get into the tunnel, you are left with no choice but to move in the direction of the tunnel, even if you don’t know if there is light at the end of the tunnel. Your intent then is, to get out of it, as soon as possible, or we can say, you feel suffocation being in there.

Same analogy goes with your thought process, when you are not thinking, you are free to think, whatever you want to, but the moment you are focused on to a single point agenda to think, it is like you are entering into a tunnel. You try to diversify yourself in that thought process, which is like you are trying to get out of it, which actually leads you to the many facets linked with that thought, and that’s how you come up with new ideas, yet all these ideas are very much associated with that thought process you are already in.

tunnel-visionPicture Courtesy

Being outside the tunnel is like art, whereas, science is all about getting into a tunnel and then trying to find the way out of it, and during this entire process, it comes across new ideas and new solutions for the same issue or problem at hand. It keeps getting into a new problem and then tries to find the way out of it (this tunnel vision is basically our own thought process) which leads us to new vistas scattered all around.

Art is an open thought process, whereas science is a closed loop, where your thought process is more focused then scattered.

Sajjad Hussain