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Intent Supersedes Action

Disclaimer: This blog is purely based on my religious belief, so you are on your own to accept or reject my viewpoint. Way back in 2007, I was making my very first presentation on 'Vision'. When I started making it for the first time, there were only 7 slides in all on 'vision', as I… Continue reading Intent Supersedes Action

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The Cinema

Here is an excerpt from my previous blog Day and Night, which I am going to negate at the end with an altogether different reason.  The new day begins at sunset according to the Islamic calendar and at midnight according to the Christian calendar.I see my day starting in the dark (darkness is symbolic to ignorance… Continue reading The Cinema

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Reverse Thinking

Anticlockwise II
This blog is a continuation of my previous blog 'Ticking Clock'.

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Ticking Clock

Anticlockwise I
In this blog, I have tried to look into the 'clockwise movement of clock and and anticlockwise movement of heavenly bodies' and lessons for us to learn from it.