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Chessboard of Life

This blog is in continuation of my previous blog The Rise of Spirit

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The teacher of Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Jaffer-e-Sadiq progeny of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), has said in one of his sermons for the moral and social development of the children;

‘A child’s age should be divided into three stages. From 1 to 7 years of age; treat him like a ‘King’, from the age of 7 until 14 treat him like a slave and from 14 until 21 treat him like your adviser and after 21 years, leave him into the society. He would be an ideal citizen of the society’.

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The reason for various treatments meted out to the kids in these ages is elaborated as under:

When a child is born, he is exploring the world, so we need to give him full freedom to understand the world his own way. From the age of 7 until 14 he is going through physical transition, and at this premature age, his chances of getting involved in bad habits are very high. So we need to treat him as slave, so that we can make him understand the intricacies of life the right way. From the age of 14 until 21, we need to treat him as adviser, because by remaining under severe suppression during his adolescence period, he has lost his self-confidence and now is the time to help him regain his lost confidence so that when he goes into the society, he would be a perfect citizen because he has got the right kind of training until the age of 21 years. This may have been the reason that in many countries of the world the age of adult franchise is 21.


In order to convey the message through the pics, I tried to look for kings and queens in the Roman empire and I did find quite a few pics but it was difficult to recognize who was king and who was adviser as the crown worn by both was little bit different and a layman could not recognize it easily unless he has an idea of history, apart those pics could not convey the ‘message’, I was trying to portray. Same was the case with King, Queen and Jack in cards. They can easily be recognized through the pic, who is who but again the ‘message’ was not easy to convey through the pics.

The beauty of this concept can easily be depicted through chess pawns. The King can only move in the squares adjacent to its own square. Its analogy is that a kid up to the age of 7 years can not leave the boundary wall of his home unless accompanied by his parents.  A pawn has to move only in its own column one square at a time, unless attacked by the opponent, it is like a boy aged between 7 and 14 has to be kept under strict vigilance if we need him to grow as a responsible citizen. The queen of the chess can move one square or multiple squares in all the directions, be it vertical, horizontal or diagonal. It is like you have to give an adult boy full freedom to choose and decide his own life after 14 years of age. He be given the status of an adviser in the family, so that he gets trained to live and lead his life after 21, the way he wants his life to be, rather than being dictated by elders of the family. He is unique and is now in a position to decide on his own, his destiny. 

Since knowledge is ubiquitous by virtue of the internet, the age bracket given above can be reduced from 0-6, 7-12 and 13 to 18. That could be one of the reasons why the governments have reduced the voting rights to its citizens from 21 to 18 years.

Sajjad Hussain

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Charismatic Leadership


Over the last 10 years, since I started teaching, I came to realize the fact that we can understand abstract realities of life through creating analogies and the fascinating part of making these analogies is that they are very logical to understand.

This blog is the outcome of such an analogy. I don’t know why, but once in my class, I told the students to learn the art of relating two things 180 degrees out of phase (i.e. on face even if there is no logical relationship existing, try to make that relationship in order to understand the hidden meanings behind various objects) and over the years, I have started realizing the fact that if I am unable to see the relationship that does not mean that the relationship does not exist (like if I am unable to see the air that does not mean that the air does not exist). In order to see that invisible, I have to develop in myself the ‘vision’ so that I am able to see the invisible.

Once in my office, one of my team members came to me and asked me to teach him management (he was MBA degree holder), I asked him to come to me the day after with few similarities and difference between donkey and magnet.

He didn’t turn up but I on my part thought over it and came up with the analogy, which I am sharing here with you. See for yourself how amazing it is.

  • Both magnet and donkey pull.
  • Donkey pulls everything, whereas magnet pulls only what is its own material.
  • Donkey pulls double its own weight, whereas magnet pulls half of its own weight.
  • We never hear people saying he is a donkey personality, whereas we always hear people saying has is a magnetic personality.

So in order to be a Leader one needs to have the charisma of a magnetic personality to attract followers. Instead of him going to the people, people should come to him.

Sajjad Hussain

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Blind Following

The other day I was driving on the road and in front of me, there was a truck going. What am I supposed to do? Keep driving behind it closely or keep a safe distance.

Right, I have to keep driving maintaining a safe distance and I did the same, to avoid speed breakers and any such eventuality in case the truck in front has to break suddenly.

Usually, I like driving behind cars, as it  is easy for you to see through the front and rear wind screen of the car ahead of you. But it is not always possible because you cannot decide if there is a car or a truck going in front of you.


I use this analogy for choosing the LEADER. There is no harm in following a towering personality (like a truck) rather a LEADER has to have great credentials but he has to be transparent as well, so that if he does something wrong, we should be in a position to save ourselves from blind following, like in case of following a truck on the road.

So my understanding is that collectively we should avoid following anyone blindly no matter what and always try maintaining a safe distance from a LEADER who is not transparent in his wheeling and dealing.

Sajjad Hussain

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Life as EYE see


Since I started teaching Ethics, my mind started boggling to understand the meaning of life. During this awkward (in the eyes of many of us) journey of exploring the ‘SELF’, I came up with the idea, being shared here under:

According to Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection, we are a progeny of animals. Animals do have some IQ, but when they are trained to a certain level, even the wildest of beasts behave in a tamed manner, but their (animal’s) inner beastly instinct returns sometimes and they behave as they are supposed to, even after being trained to behave properly.

Same is true with humans, almost all the babies when born they do have a reasonable understanding of the world around them, due to their inbuilt IQ. After having gone through the process of learning through observation, parents, environment, and friends etc. they are trained to behave in a particular manner but whenever they get a feeling that they are not being watched, they do as they are born with i.e. their natural instinct which has an animal inside. Instead of calling them animals I am giving them a more refined name ‘PEOPLE’.

People have a ‘mob mentality‘, when they are together they behave, as animal herd behaves, instead of thinking and choosing the right way, they move in the direction of the mob as animals do in a herd.

The herd needs to be led by dogs beside it, same is true for a leader, he either has to lead from the front or act as a watchdog so that the people following him are under his command and control and behave, as they are told.  Though at times having control on a mob is way too difficult even for a leader.

PEOPLE are trained to become MAN through training, making use of the IQ they have been bestowed with. The journey from PEOPLE to MAN is a two way traffic, why is that so, because the moment people come to realize that they are not being watched, they behave as ANIMALS, so they need to be trained (educated) on a continuous basis so that by virtue of continuous learning they should develop in themselves the capability to leave that vicious circle of selfish behavior (mob mentality) and become MAN.

In a nut shell, to cover the journey from PEOPLE to MAN, making use of the IQ available to PEOPLE, they be trained to become MAN.

The journey continues…..

As said earlier, the journey from PEOPLE to MAN is a two way traffic, so there is always a possibility that MAN can become part of PEOPLE, if he does not intentionally try to remain MAN. It is an arduous journey, specially remaining in the position of MAN.

Those of us who manage to acquire education, they develop in themselves a tendency to remain in the position of MAN and most of them continue to be MAN till the end of their life unless they get some kind of inspiration and some solace from the shackles of earning a livelihood for themselves and their families.

Middle management or the tactical management is the position where they (MEN) are given opportunities for training to develop emotional quotient (EQ). Basically the people who train these managers were previously called trainers but actually, they are supposed to be inspirers. This inspiration develops in them emotional stability and based on this capability they are more in control of their emotions than any one around. For which the inspirer (trainer) has to be more in control of his emotions, only then can he be an inspiration for the attendees of his session.

This EQ acquired through inspiration leads MAN to the level of a HUMAN. Now he instead of thinking more about himself, he is concerned with the PEOPLE around him. But his concern is more self-centered, as he likes to be portrayed as a thorough HUMAN. He is only willing to give what is extra, he will first try to fulfill his own needs and wants, and what is left, he will share part of it and save the rest for the rainy days.

There is no harm in it as long as his self-centeredness is not harming PEOPLE around him. By continuously being in the position of HUMAN and making enough out of his available resources and potentials, he comes to realize the fact that life is not what he is seeing, life is beyond. That’s the point where he comes to understand the true meaning of life that life is not something living for oneself, it is loving, caring and sharing with others. This realization culminates only when he starts giving to the PEOPLE rather than taking from them.

He starts sharing everything that he has, irrespective of any reciprocation, that’s the stage of self-actualization, which elates a MAN from the level of HUMAN to HUMAN BEING. This is where he comes to realize the fact, what differentiates him from PEOPLE to MAN and from MAN to HUMAN and from HUMAN to HUMAN BEING.

The word HUMAN is a combination of MAN and HUMILITY and when a MAN becomes HUMAN and realizes the purpose of BEING alive, makes him a HUMAN BEING, which develops in him spiritual quotient (SQ), which gets him close to Almighty Allah when HE instead of asking the MAN to do what HE likes, asks the MAN his wish, so that HE can fulfill his desires.

Sajjad Hussain