Life: A Project Leading to a Process

This blog is in continuation of my previous blog Eternal Abode, wherein we found that this life is a journey (project) and we are heading to our final destination (Heaven or Hell), based on our performance here on earth). In order to understand my real viewpoint of the blog, let me first define a project and… Continue reading Life: A Project Leading to a Process


Multiple Choices to Find the Truth

As a student, I noticed that the teacher used to give us multiple choice questions in exams and quizzes, wherein he used to write the question with 4 choices to select from. Three of the choices used to be wrong with one correct answer. We used to solve them without asking the teacher if he wanted… Continue reading Multiple Choices to Find the Truth


Eternal Abode

WARNING: This current blog is written based on my beliefs. My international audience having a different belief then mine are in no way required to accept or reject the contents of this blog. All my readers are at their free will to read or skip this blog. Comments; positive or otherwise would be accepted, wholeheartedly. Even if… Continue reading Eternal Abode

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The Spark

With the changing times, the ways to teach and learn have changed drastically, thanks to the internet and ubiquitous sites offering free courses. Since anything available for free does not have an appeal to entice, so to inculcate among students, an urge to learn (since they are not paying for the course and also when it… Continue reading The Spark