The purpose of my blogs is to document my creative thinking and inculcate in my readers an ‘Out of the Box’ thinking. The point of view expressed in these blogs and the newer concepts are purely my brainchild.

The images, photography, posted on my blogs are taken from Google images and are the property of the owner of the pics. No copyright infringement is intended while using these pictures, as I am not using them for commercial purposes. I do not claim credit and ownership of any pic used in my blogs. I am giving due credit to the companies and artists of the pictures, whose names are not known to me, through this disclaimer.

I have no personal agenda or intent to malign or hurt anyone in any respect, be it personal, religious or political. I will try my best to use a decent language to convey my message. My advance apologies to my readers if they are hurt in any way.

Please feel free to advise on the content of the blogs, as I am prone to make mistakes, and love to improve myself in the light of your comments suggestions, recommendations. Comments positive or otherwise, are welcome.

Sajjad Hussain