The Fountain of Life

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Acid is considered to be dangerous having a bitter taste and in order to subside its negatively harsh effects, it has to be alkalized adding water into it.

I wondered when I gave it a second thought, that how close it is to our interaction with other people in our daily lives.

Quite a few people are so sarcastic in their wheeling dealing with other people that at times, it appears, as if they are having a taste of acid in their sarcasm. If those people (who are sarcastic) have bit of a know-how that how their sarcasm have a negative impact on the person who is being subjected to their wrath, will never even think of subjecting people to their sarcasm.

Now that knowledge which comes to us through education will act as water added to the acid (sarcasm) to make it alkaline, that mellowness (by virtue of the knowledge we have) in us can be a source of life for someone who is disgruntled with his life for any reason, be it a sarcasm or economic or social malaise.

Be knowledge hungry and make lives of other people

 Sajjad Hussain


Eternal Abode

This current blog is written based on my beliefs. My international audience having a different belief then mine are in no way required to accept or reject the contents of this blog. All my readers are at their free will to read or skip this blog. Comments; positive or otherwise would be accepted, wholeheartedly.


Even if it is not written in any holy scripture (of any religion), we all know that whosoever is born, has to die one day, no exceptions, at least to date.

While eating any meal, we are tempted by its taste to finish the meal. The moment we are done eating that tasty meal, it is the meal and the taste which is finished and not the one who is eating it.

The verse above says that ‘Every soul shall have a taste of death’, so it will be the death of ‘the death’ and not the death of the soul contained inside the body.

So the question that arises here is: Where did the soul go if it didn’t die?

I was wondering to find the answer and I happened to have a chance to listen to a sermon by one of my favorite speakers on theology and here is his explanation (written in my own words) for the reading pleasure of my readers.

If you google images of the soul, google will fetch you pictures showing a body in white fumes. I, as a human, am not pure so I depict my body as a bit darker than my soul and to make an analogy to make you understand my thought process.

When a baby is conceived in the mother’s womb it takes some time to complete the body, once the body is completed then only the soul gets in. If you look at your hands you will find that your palm is comparatively whiter than the other side of the hand.


I like to give you another analogy out of this pic to make you understand the underlying concept.  The palm is whiter, so I consider it as my soul, which is pure and the other side is my body, which is bit darker than my soul.

My soul is encapsulated in my body as if my palm is closed and the moment I die, it is that my palm is opened and the soul inside gets released.


The verse above says that till such time my soul is inside my body, I am worth a million but the moment I die, I (my body) become worthless and it has to be buried or cremated, as per the faith of the soul.

Since a child is born, he goes through various stages of life, i.e. toddler, childhood, adolescence, teenage, adulthood, professional, parenthood, etc. During this entire time period he goes through various learning experiences by virtue of education and professional experience and gains knowledge.

This entire process takes substantial amount time of an individual to understand the intricacies of life. At a very later stage in his life he comes to realize the real facts of life but unfortunately that is the time when his own time is about to be over and he is ready to die. At that point in time, he starts thinking, if he had enough time to pass on the learnt legacy to the future generation. Every single moment appears to him, as if he is running short of time, and he appears to be bit in a hurry.

I am kind of flabbergasted to visualize these hidden concepts about our life and think why don’t we realize the purpose of our life, which is nothing but to find meaningfulness in it, which once realized, I am sure our concept of the life would be changed drastically.

It simply means that we are now getting ready for some other destination hidden from our eyes. Do we ever ponder, why is it so happening, why our life is so short that the moment we come to realize the true essence of life, it is time to get ready for the eternal abode.

Sajjad Hussain

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The Spark

4With the changing times, the ways to teach and learn have changed drastically, thanks to the internet and ubiquitous sites offering free courses. Since anything available for free does not have an appeal to entice, so to inculcate among students, an urge to learn (since they are not paying for the course and also when it is available to them at fingertips, so they seldom care to get deep inside into understanding the concept, and they are more into playing with their high-tech gadgets, which are available to them easily due to low costs) is way too difficult for the teacher to teach and the student to learn and comprehend.


In primitive times, we had candles to light in the dark. When someone wanted to light a candle, they had to bring that candle close to the one that was already lit. Teachers do the same thing, they burn themselves to light (literally) the ways for their students, trying to understand the concept as they have perceived it to be.


But those were primitive times, bulbs have replaced candles now. Unfortunately, a lit bulb cannot light another bulb just by bringing the unlit bulb in close proximity to the lit one. It (the unlit bulb) needs to have the current passing through it to get light.

Being a teacher, I am from the past, my students are born after me, we are meeting together in the present, and I have to lead them into future, for which, I have two options, either to push them or pull them.

tunnel-visionPeople usually don’t like to be pushed, they like to be pulled. But how can I pull them into the future, which is physically not existing at the moment? So I need to develop my mental faculty to a level where I can pull (inspire) them to lead into the future.

This pulling is the inspiration for students to get ignited from within. To light the bulb within (the mind), they need current, which is flowing through them but it needs a spark which is very much ingrained in them (by nature) to ignite the bulb (mind) kept on top of the head.

In order for students to learn, the classroom strategies have to be changed drastically. The smart kids are now way ahead of their teachers (who have a primitive mindset) using high-tech gadgets and are way too smart to outwit their teachers. The teaching philosophy now should be to ignite the spark inside the kids and rote learning is sooner than later going to be obsolete.

Now if a student fails to get hold of the knowledge available to him at his finger tips, it is he, who is to be blamed for the failure and not the teacher. As he (the student) has failed to capitalize on the spark within.



Look at the beauty of the concept, in order to light the room, the bulb is placed on the roof usually in the center. Similarly, the mind in our body is placed on top of our heads in the center.

Sajjad Hussain

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I had been trying to find the exact meaning of soul and/or spirit and what I have found is an ambiguous meaning attached to both the words. At times, I found that the two words have been used interchangeably.

So instead of getting into the nitty gritty of exact meaning of the two words under consideration, I am using the word soul to express my thoughts in the blog rather then getting my audience confused with the jargon.

The reason why I want to make use of the word soul for this blog is that I have read the word ‘soul searching’ quite often but never spirit searching. And since my current blog is more about exploring ‘self’ through soul searching, so it is more appropriate to use the word soul for the title of my blog.

The moment body of a baby gets soul, all the metabolic functions are activated inside the body. In quite a few management related training, specially on ‘Change’, quite a few trainers (humorously) quote the example of an uncomfortable baby in diaper by saying that in the entire universe, only a baby wholeheartedly accepts change (changing diaper). As the baby grows and comes out into the world, mother’s top priority is to keep the baby clean and baby by nature is more uncomfortable when he pees or poops. This practice of keeping the body clean continues by all sane humans till the end of their life.

Recently my elder brother died and since his entire family was outside the country, so his dead  body was kept into the cold storage for a day. Upon asking the reason why it was kept into the cold storage, I came to know that, the dead body, if kept in open, it starts stinking within hours, as it decomposes.

At that very moment, the idea to write this blog clicked my mind. What I conclude from the concept just shared is, by nature the soul is pure. The moment it enters the body, it tries to keep the body clean from all kind of filth. The moment we (humans) accumulate pee and/or poop, it has to be excreted out of the body, even the fart cannot remain inside the body, else we become uncomfortable. Here the distinction of human is made because animals don’t have to wait to get rid of their poop or pee, they do so wherever they are without being careful about keeping themselves away from the filth.

When we die and the soul gets out of our body, the body either has to be buried or cremated or has to be kept in cold storage, if the descendants want it to be preserved for long period of time, so that it does not stink. What an amazing concept, we seldom care about looking at the nature of soul, which is pure and free from filth and stinking and where ever it goes or rests, it keeps it (our body) pure and filth free as well.

The sweat (having bad odor) is also excreted out of the body, but it remains on the body and causes uncomfortable feeling. So, if we are able to take shower immediately, we do so, else we have deodorants and perfumes to keep the body smell good, but keeping the soul good is more important then the body, as the body will be buried, but the soul will last forever.

I have added this question after I received a comment from one of my friend Sulaiman Dawood.   “Soul keeps the body alive and does not clean”.

To make my point clear let me tell you that there is a difference between ‘ME’ and ‘MY’. I have MY hands, eyes, ears, legs tongue, heart etc. but I am wondering to know where is ME.

I have eyes, can they see if I close them? I have ears, can they listen, if I don’t want to? I have hands, can they work, if I don’t ask them to, and the list goes on…

It is ME who asks MY eyes to see, it is ME who asks MY ears to listen, it is ME who asks MY hands to work and the list goes on…

ME is my soul and MY is my body. My body is useless, if I don’t have soul, because it is my soul, which has the power to govern my body.

So for any reason, if we have yet not tried to keep our soul (by virtue of the power it has to govern the body) as pure as it was in the beginning, it is time for us to re-think and make it as pure as possible, by continuously reflecting through soul searching and acquiring wisdom.


Listen to the sound of SOUL.

Sajjad Hussain



I was wondering to assign a title to this blog, initially I thought to name it ‘Maze’. I knew another word for maze, i.e. ‘Labyrinth’, but I was not certain till such time that I checked their dictionary meaning, as I always try to make relevance of the concept with the title and pics, I select for my blogs. Here is the dictionary meaning of two words, to avoid any misunderstanding by my readers.

“In English, the term labyrinth is generally synonymous with maze. As a result of the long history of unicursal representation of the mythological Labyrinth, however, many contemporary scholars and enthusiasts observe a distinction between the two. In this specialized usage maze refers to a complex branching multicursal puzzle with choices of path and direction, while a unicursal labyrinth has only a single path to the center. A labyrinth in this sense has an unambiguous route to the center and back and is not difficult to navigate.”

What difference does it make, if we are entangled in a maze or a labyrinth? If we take this question on face value, it has no such bearing on our life, but I want my readers to look at it from my perspective to get a deep insight into the maze and/or labyrinth.


In a way, I suppose we have been sent in this world to get lost in the maze [if you consider your life as a path way filled with trials and tribulations] and try to find the way out of the labyrinth [if you consider your life as a journey through self].

[Exploring others is tedious, but exploring self is not that difficult, as one is 24/7 with him/herself].


The beauty of the concept can only be understood, if we visualize our life as in a cardiogram. We are alive only till such time, that our heart beat [systole and diastole] is intact i.e. UPS and DOWNS, as soon as the cardiogram shows a straight line, we are dead.


I think, you would be feeling lost, as to, what exactly I am trying to explain. The concept is bit philosophical and that is why tedious, yet amazing to learn, to appreciate the true essence of the blog.

On one hand, the concept is motivating us, not to be afraid of hardships, our life poses to us, and on the other, it tells us that it is our choice of getting lost into the maze or getting out of it, successfully [considering it to be a labyrinth, as the way out of a labyrinth is unambiguous and not difficult to navigate].

In a labyrinth there is only a single path to the ‘center and back’ [*Did you focus on the word ‘center and back’? Did it ring bells in your mind?], where as in a maze, chances are that we might get lost and fail to keep track of our way out. As such we will be going through process of hit and trial to get out of it [life].

Reproduced here from second paragraph above: “maze refers to a complex branching multicursal puzzle with choices of path and direction, while a unicursal labyrinth has only a single path to the center. A labyrinth in this sense has an unambiguous route to the center and back and is not difficult to navigate.”

Compare the dictionary meaning just shared and relate it with my previous blog Center of Gravity, excerpt of which is reproduced  here for ready reference.

“There are four corners of the world, namely East, West, North and South. I have never heard Middle West, Middle South, Middle North, but I know a place on earth called Middle East.

I did come across Mid West states in US or Mid North in Australia, but not an entire region as Mid West or Mid North as Middle East. I am wondering to know whomsoever named these corners and places, what he had in his/her mind while naming these locations.

If I want to light a room such that light is spread all across the room, then I will have to put the chandelier right in the center. Sun rises in the EAST a Universal Truth, and if the entire universe is to be lit then that source of light has to be in the middle of the EAST. The location of Holy Ka’aba, is exactly in the center of the earth and is a source of light for the entire humanity, if it (the mankind) wants to get that inspiration.”


This is purely my analogy and you have the right to disagree with my point of view.

We only have one life to live, which has a beginning and an end. Every single individual has his/her life given as a project, to find his/her ‘self’. If s/he wants to get lost into the maze [by losing track of his/her existence] and never find an exit on his/her own [die without knowing], that is his/her choice and the project of his/her might remain unaccomplished and s/he will be out [die] from the maze without him/her liking or abhorring it. And if one’s life project [a successful one] is taken as a ‘Labyrinth’, his/her life has an unambiguous route to this world and back to, from where s/he came.


* Golden Mean

Sajjad Hussain