Not Listening


The problem with the closed minded people is that their mouths are always open


I am sorry to my readers who were kept waiting for the details of the current blog. I wanted to finish it, the moment I started last month but for some unavoidable circumstances I could not complete it. Please accept my sincere apologies for it.

The idea to write blog came as a surprise to me, as I was taking my class of Leadership and Motivation and I was making the students to understand the significance of listening. One such argument written in most the books on communication is normally shared by the teachers, teaching business communication, that nature has given us two ears and mouth, thus signalling to speak once and listen twice.

One of my student came up with this notion, that if we don’t want to speak we can shut our lips, which are very much there on our face stopping our tongue not to speak. We don’t need to make use of any other external source to remain silent, where as if we don’t want to listen, we need to put something (outside of our body) into our ears so that we don’t listen.

This again is something, which nature wants us to refrain from speaking and emphasizes upon us to listen more and more so that we learn more.

I can only talk what I already know and if I am speaking that simply means that I am only trying to convey someone the information I have. But if I listen to someone, that someone is not necessarily talking about something which I already know and even if I know it already, may be s/he is having a different perspective of the same information.

Usually if someone elder then you is talking, then chances are that s/he might be talking about something which you don’t know at all. So, there is no harm in listening but you can harm yourself more by Not Listening.


Sajjad Hussain

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