Order and Chaos


I had been thinking of writing a blog on this topic, since I wrote a quote on Order and Chaos. The underlying message, I am trying to give is, are we part of order or part of chaos?

As written earlier in my quote, the real life is somewhere between order and chaos. It simply means that we are not in order or in chaos, actually we are lingering somewhere in between.

We will try to find the answer by observing our day to day living and from among the things and/or situations, we come across on a daily basis.

A baby is born, absolute chaos all around the labor room and gradually things start settling down and ultimately calm and tranquility prevails. The mother and the baby are in deep slumber and all of a sudden the baby starts crying, its her meal time, as soon as she is fed again its calm all around. After a while, baby is in deep shit, mother gets her cleaned and she is fast asleep again.

Kid is crying before going to school, not willing to face the new phase of life, after a lot of hue and cry manages to reach the school and makes friends and everything is settled for good.

After his schooling is over, he is now ready for the college, and this is the time when he pretends to be ‘happy go lucky’ but his mind is in emotional chaos as he is bewildered to find his identity.

As soon as s/he is done with his/her graduation things appear to settle but the search for a job to satiate his/her survival instinct sets him/her into chaos.

When the job hunt is over, it is now time for him/her to socialize and look for life partner, during which time s/he goes through the trauma of love/breakup relationship. As soon as the wedlock is completed, the life cycle of yet another baby sets in and the life goes on under order and chaos.

The other day, I was busy renovating my office and it was chaos all around, I kept surmising why our life is not simple, why do we have to suffer all the time through chaotic situations. In order to bring order in my office  renovation job, I had to pay a hefty sum of money to the mason, painter, carpenter, AC mechanic and cleaner.

I was having a hard time paying for the dues due to all that work, but while making payments, I thought, if my life would have been in order i.e., if my office didn’t need any renovation, then these guys might not have made the money, I paid them for their work.

Municipal committee people came in my area for lifting all the garbage dumped on the sidewalk, while they were picking it up, I kept thinking that the garbage so collected would be dumped on landfill sites, to make that site smooth and worthy of bringing into use for construction or for growing crops, if filled with organic material. Had there been no such garbage around the sites could not have been filled and people engaged in lifting that garbage would have been left unemployed.

Day before yesterday (August 23, 2016, Karachi), two private news channels were ransacked by hoodlums and all the networks were showing people burning tires to register their protest for gaining some political mileage, it was chaos all around, then police/rangers intervened and everything settled down.

While teaching Business Communication and Ethics, I was surfing the net and came across this pic and at that time I was unable to understand how is it related to Business Communication and Ethics. After pondering over it deeply, I came to an amazing conclusion, which I am sharing here for your reading pleasure.


The very next semester, I went to my first lecture. The students were new to me and so was I, to them. I stayed silent in front of the class for a while. It was a very difficult experiment for me as well, as you cannot remain silent in front of an audience for an extended period of time.

I broke the ice after a while and asked students what was happening in their minds, and they said, it was chaotic. Isn’t it amazing that silence is supposed to be ‘order’ instead it was chaotic. So I came to this conclusion, that you can communicate by remaining silent or the other way round. The real communication is possible when it is a dialogue and not debate, i.e. somewhere in between order and chaos.

Up until now I seldom took notice of this order and chaos, but since I started looking at things differently, I am now getting more and more convinced that everything happens for a reason and chaos is equally required to maintain order and balance in our lives.

Finally to remind you all, ‘The real life is somewhere between order and chaos’.

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Sajjad Hussain

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