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Discus Throw

The more I think, the more I get new perspectives for the same concept of symbolism, I have been working on, since I started blogging in 2012. This blog again is in continuation with my previous two blogs written in December 2015, namely Ticking Clock and Reverse Thinking.

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This time around, I was watching sports channel and I saw the game of ‘Discus Throw’, I was kind of mesmerized to see that the athletes were rotating themselves anticlockwise to throw the metal disc as far as possible to win the game. If someone wants to throw the disc by rotating himself clockwise, he can only do so making use of his ‘Left Hand’ (here ‘Left Hand’ is symbolic, as not right).

The disc thrown in the game is of heavy metal, which shows that no matter how heavy is the weight (here weight is symbolic, i.e. burden of life), you are carrying, you have the power to go Against the Odds, yet another blog of mine totally different from the above two blogs.

What I deduce from this symbolism is that if you really want to excel to the limits, you have to move against the wind, to identify yourself as the unique being. You have to move anticlockwise i.e. against the odds, to mark your presence in the world as someone who contributed for the betterment to the extent of his/her potential.

I am wondering more and more when I observe quite a few such similarities in the anticlockwise movement of a fan. I don’t know why it moves anticlockwise but it is the anticlockwise movement of the fan which gives fresh breath of air.


The oceanic waves though move clockwise, but if you have to explore the ocean you need to swim against the waves using anticlockwise movement of your both hands, or even if you are making use a raft, you have to use the wooden ores anticlockwise, or else if you are using them (ores) clockwise then you need to sit the other way round. In both the cases you have to go against the norm.

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Make this blog as your ‘New Year Resolution’ for 2016.

Continues in the next blog ….. Scroll the Wheel

Sajjad Hussain

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