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Ticking Clock


The other day I was talking to my students of Ethics and came to visualize something unusual, which I am sharing here with you.

In Cartesian coordinate system, clockwise movement is taken as negative and counterclockwise as positive for solving various mathematical problems.


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Whereas the movement of almost all the heavenly bodies is counterclockwise. (Ref.: Science Blogs)

spinning-globe-oPicture Courtesy

Even the Tawaaf (circular movement) of pilgrims around Holy Ka’aba is counterclockwise.


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To further elaborate my point of view, here is an excerpt from my previous blog Dependently Independent


Let’s take yet another example; while drawing a graph, we put independent quantities on X-axis and dependent values on Y-axis.

If we look at our own body, we have quite a few parts of our body, dependent and others independent. For example, my heart and lungs are independent (whether I like it or not they keep doing their work irrespective of my will) so I can put them on X-axis while my eyes, hands and ears are dependent (because if I don’t want to see something I have the power to close my eyes), so I can put them on Y-axis.

Now if I look at the graph closely, X axis is drawn horizontally and Y-axis is drawn vertically leading up. So if I want to rise from my level (which will make me human), I have the power to do so by virtue of the power, I have to control my dependent body parts and rise.

With every single passing day, we feel as if we are growing in age (i.e. positive), whereas actually we are getting close to our death, i.e. to say that we are moving in the negative direction to get close to our destiny.

Our lives begin with sand and end in sand as we are buried inside sand, when we die. The clock of life is ticking in clockwise direction and the earth is rotating in counterclockwise direction, so whether we like it or not, we are bound to get to our destiny.

Written here under is a verse with the same concept in Urdu (my native language) by one of the poet.


Looking at these symbols of nature, during this unusual journey from life to death, we are being reminded every day to look for cues, scattered all around us, to find the ultimate truth, which is hidden everywhere in symbols.


Continues in the next blog ….. Reverse Thinking


5 thoughts on “Ticking Clock”

  1. This post is really wonderful, first i was thinking as all above discuss motions are counterclockwise then why time is in clockwise direction!
    Then I came to an end that its all race against the time but still something is missing about the quadrants…


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