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Truth Lies

Truth-LiesPicture Courtesy

Read between the lines is one of the phrases, which is often said by the intellectuals to understand the hidden meaning, especially while reading a newspaper. Because the real story behind a news is usually between the lines, it is a diplomatic way of hiding the truth and conveying the message to the right quarters between the lines.

A lined paper is usually white in color with black lines and whatsoever is written on the lines is also usually of black color but the white space in between remains white.

If we look at the symbolic meaning of black and white then, the black color is depicted as ignorance, whereas white reflects knowledge. So the true knowledge is somewhere between black written words, hidden between white lines.

Usually, it is our perception that whatever we see, we believe, without giving a second thought to what we are seeing, is not the truth. The real truth is hidden somewhere in between those black written lines.

The ‘lie’ which is portrayed as ‘truth’ actually lies, in between the black words and the truth lies somewhere between the lines. So from now on, learn how to read between the lines, to seek the real Truth.

Watch out for the Truth that lies!


Sajjad Hussain


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