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Tunnel Vision

tunnel-visionPicture Courtesy

You must have had a chance to go through a tunnel while travelling to country side or even within the city through an underpass. A tunnel is a closed capsule type path open on both the ends, but at times it is closed at one end as well.

While entering a tunnel you might have noticed that it was open all around before entering the tunnel but the moment you entered in, it all turned out to be closed and it’s mostly dark inside, unless lit by the government to facilitate the commuters.

Let me make an analogy, when you are not thinking, you are bombarded by a lot of data and information scattered all around, but the moment you start thinking, all your diversions are focused on to single thought you are thinking, to convert that data and information into knowledge through continuous experimentation. It’s like roaming in a dark tunnel in search of light.

The moment you are out of tunnel, you are free to move around, wherever you want to, but the moment you get into the tunnel, you are left with no choice but to move in the direction of the tunnel, even if you don’t know if there is light at the end of the tunnel. Your intent then is, to get out of it, as soon as possible, or we can say, you feel suffocation being in there.

Same analogy goes with your thought process, when you are not thinking, you are free to think, whatever you want to, but the moment you are focused on to a single point agenda to think, it is like you are entering into a tunnel. You try to diversify yourself in that thought process, which is like you are trying to get out of it, which actually leads you to the many facets linked with that thought, and that’s how you come up with new ideas, yet all these ideas are very much associated with that thought process you are already in.

tunnel-visionPicture Courtesy

Being outside the tunnel is like art, whereas, science is all about getting into a tunnel and then trying to find the way out of it, and during this entire process, it comes across new ideas and new solutions for the same issue or problem at hand. It keeps getting into a new problem and then tries to find the way out of it (this tunnel vision is basically our own thought process) which leads us to new vistas scattered all around.

Art is an open thought process, whereas science is a closed loop, where your thought process is more focused then scattered.

Sajjad Hussain

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