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Mission Impossible

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Almost all the motivational speakers, always motivate youngsters, by inciting them to read the word ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ as “I’M Possible”. I also got amazed, when I learnt it for the first time.

We are always motivated to take life as a challenge, and face the acrid realities of life head on. It is but a daunting task to be taken on face value, as life is not a drama or a film story, where at the end of the day, everything ends up as, ‘happy go lucky’.

I started looking at it (I’M Possible) differently, why, because I think we should not be blind followers. Everyone of us, has the right to live and lead his/her life, the way s/he wants to live, and should in no case, be following the dictates of others. If s/he does so, is bound to be exploited.

Life is, but a reality, and has to be taken, as a reality show, where you get one chance to perform and you are expected to perform to the best of your abilities. If, for some reason or the other, you are unable to come up to the expectations of the audience, you loose your competition and never get, a second chance to prove, that you are the best. You are only left with tears in your eyes, and you feel like dying. At times you know, that you are being ‘televised’ live, even then, you are devastated to an extent, that you dare to cry, in front of the people, which is but a humiliation, beyond one’s wildest imagination.

Are you living your life for the audience, or for your own self? What exactly is expected of you, out of your life?

You have been sent in this world all alone, not by virtue of your own will and you are not going to die out of your own will (except if you commit suicide, which is a coward act in itself, and shows your inability to face the odds of life, and prohibited in most of the religions across the globe). You are supposed to live your life by yourself, even if, you don’t want to.

Almost all of us, while living our lives, go through certain odds. At times, these odds are physical, social, psychological, and traumatic in nature. Few of us even lose quite a few invaluable organs of their bodies making them completely bed ridden or handicapped and dependent on their loved ones. But the life goes on.


I have written this blog for the broken hearts, who have met with an eventuality in their lives and lost hope. The purpose is not to persuade them through false hopes, and following the dictum “I’M Possible”, but with a wish, to help them do, and keep doing whatever they can, in their capacity, because ultimately it is their own life, and they have to live it by themselves. Whatever they have lost, during their journey through life, is/are never ever going to come back to them, and they have to lead their arduous journey through life all alone, like a solitary reaper.

Live your life in present, whatever is gone, is gone for good. Whatever is there in store for you in the future, no one is certain about it. Living in present, is a statement, easy said then done, but since I have been through the thick and thin of life all through, so it is my suggestion.

Living for the sake of living is living like animals, but knowing the purpose of your life is the essence of your living, as a human. Crux of the blog, you have got only this life to live, and you will not get a second chance to perform. It is, but an impossible project to be accomplished remaining within the timeline of your life, keep aside ifs and buts and start facing the odds.


How are you going to accomplish it? With a smile, or a grim face! choice is yours.

Good luck with your ‘Mission Impossible’.

Sajjad Hussain

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