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Sound of Silence


Sound of Silence by Gregorian

While writing blogs, I keep thinking, how on earth I am getting these silent vibes now, while it’s been a long time since I am alive on this planet. At times, I feel like, I am lost in the wilderness of my thought process and keep surmising to find the hidden meanings of life. In my search for finding the purpose of my life, I have come across some fascinating ideas, which I like to share with my readers. One such vibe is elaborated here under:

The couplet cited above from Iqbal’s (Poet of the East) verse says that “The world is yet to be completed that is why we see quite a few new happenings every single day”. I like to contradict with the poet on this, when he says the world is yet to be completed. I think it is already complete, it is we who are exploring it and every single day we find some new (from our perspective, because the gravitational pull of the earth, the round shape of the earth and anomalous expansion of water etc. were already there since ages, it is only we, who have explored these realities with the passage of time, as our intellect grew) things and that is why we think it is under construction, so we are surprised at the new findings.

The reason why, I used the couplet is, its second phrase, which focuses on the Quranic scripture ‘Kun Fayakoon’ cited above, which means HE does not have to plan, HE not even thinks, and it happens and the perfection of HIS project can be witnessed in the form of us humans, HIS super project.

Since we are unable to comprehend quite a few of HIS creations before time, so we have this feeling that it is happening every single day.

We as humans, have to plan ahead of time, before executing any project. It takes a long time for us to conceive a project, plan it and then implement it, with a hope that it would end up as a quality project, even then after having gone through exhaustive brainstorming, we remain skeptical about the outcome, until the end.

What we see around us, appears to be sheer chaos, whereas in reality, its order and not chaos, which surrounds us. You have the right to disagree with me, but let me share with you a TED video, wherein David Kwong says that we are wired to find order out of chaos

I used the word ‘see’ in the paragraph above and not ‘look’, why, because when you see something, you are not told for it, you do it inadvertently on a daily basis. But if I want you to see something, I have to ask you, to have a look at this or that. I have been pondering for quite sometimes on these four English language words, see, look, hear and listen, and like to appreciate their meanings here.

We, as HIS super creation, have been asked to look and listen, and what we do is see and hear. All HIS creations are symbolic in nature, and since we are unable to extract meanings, out of these symbols, we see it chaotic, and those who somehow manage to look at these symbols and able to extract some semblance of logic, are able to see the order.


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In order to find order, from chaos surrounding us, we have to look at the symbols and listen to the silent vibes of nature to see, what HE wants us to see and why?

Sajjad Hussain

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