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Against the Odds

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If I want to convince anyone about anything I am talking, I need to have a valid logical reason, to make him/her convinced. If there is a flaw in my argument, it will not be acceptable to anyone, unless it is supported by a valid logical reason.

WOW comes out of our mouth inadvertently, when we listen to something unusually logical. This WOW (Word of Wisdom) thing has acceptance to everybody since it is logical. When that logic appeals to our mind, our mind accepts it and it directly goes into our heart.

Literally, it is said that when you talk something and if it has got some weight, it hits your mind and goes into the heart.


The idea to write this blog came to my mind out of the blue, when I saw a dead leave falling on the ground. There were leaves on the ground and pieces of paper scattered all around and all of a sudden, the wind blows and all the papers and leaves started flying in the direction of the wind.

There is nothing unusual about it, it is common sense, that when the wind blows everything lighter in weight will fly in the direction of the wind.



This verse is taken from the poetry of Dr. Iqbal, a thinker and a poet of Pakistan. For my audience not aware of Urdu language, let me interpret it for you.

It says that any pray coming out of your heart has got an impact and power to affect the listener (here the listener is Almighty Allah, who has the power to assuage our sufferings).

Though that pray does not have wings to fly, yet by virtue of the impact it has (as it comes from the inner core of our heart), it flies and goes directly to HIM.


I now interpret all these different Acts as under:

  1. Anything lighter in weight than air, it will fly in the direction of the air.
  2. Anything heavier than air cannot fly.
  3. A prayer (I consider this prayer as knowledge) coming out of my heart, though it is heavy in weight (by virtue of my sincerity in it), yet it has the power to fly and reach to the sky.
  4. If I get the knowledge which is widely scattered all around, and make sincere and concerted effort to make use of it for the sake of humanity, then even though it’s as heavy as a jumbo 747, has the power to fly in the air. But the beauty of this flight is that it goes against the blow of the wind.

So, if someone coming to this world lives a normal life, without achieving anything, is like, he lived a life as the dead leaf or a piece of useless paper (flying), moving in the direction of his destiny, without bringing any change in his and/or other’s lives.

Whereas, people who manage to lead their lives against all the odds and do something worthwhile for the humanity, are the ones, who lived their lives as a true human, with a thorough understanding of the meaning of life, thus giving their lives a meaning.

So to live a meaningful life, we have no choice but to fight ‘Against the Odds’.


For my international readers: The Poet Dr. Iqbal here is referring the youth as Eagle and tells them not to be afraid of the opposing winds, as they (the winds) are blowing to help the eagle to fly high.

Sajjad Hussain

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