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Selfie Mania


With due apologies to all those SELFIE ADDICTS.

I have been wondering since long that people around now a days keep posting selfies on their FB. The most pathetic part of it is that most of the selfies are taken while they are eating out somewhere.

It looks as if they have nothing else to do except eating and taking selfie and posting it for no good reason. They have come to this world just for the sake of eating and eating alone. Whatever they are making at the end of a hard day work, is being used for eating out.

It looks more like as if they are born to eat, whereas, I personally feel that life is beyond this eating mania.


If somehow, they manage to get out of this eating frenzy, then quite a few of them are one way or the other, subservient to their heart. Like being in love with someone and willing to die for him/her.

I am afraid, that is also not the purpose of life of Humans.

Very few of us are actually engaged in the pursuit of finding the true meaning of life by making use of that beautiful gift, bestowed to them by the Creator, called mind.

Sajjad Hussain

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