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Rain Drain


The day before yesterday, my city got a heavy downpour and within no time, the whole city was inundated. While commuting to the university the other day, I noticed that the rain water found its way to the drain, by itself. I also saw quite a few drains closed and quite a few of them above the road level. The rain water could only drain out where the drain was at the road level and open.

I happen to see that there were two types of open drains. The ones with open caps, where the rain water, along with filth which was spread all over, was also going down the drain and the other, with iron bars (working as filters) as shown above in the pic, where only the rain water was being drained and the garbage around, was getting accumulated on top of the drain.

It’s obvious, what is unusual about it? If it would have been an obvious thing I would have never opted to write this blog. The beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Now try to look at the usual observation cited above, in an unusual way, as I am trying to review it through my water analogy, I have been working on since long. (i.e. equating water with knowledge).

  1. Like rain water, the knowledge also comes from above (may be that’s the reason, that our mind is placed on top of our body).
  2. Rain water wets every one, so does the knowledge, which is available to everyone.
  3. Rain water does not go into those drains, which are closed. It only goes to those drains, which are open. Similarly, the knowledge available around is only good for those, who want to learn from it with an open mind. Closed minds remain devoid of the knowledge around.
  4. As the rainwater could only go to the drain, either below or at the same road level, so does the knowledge. In order to get the benefit of the knowledge around, you need to be submissive (down to earth) and have to raise your level of understanding to the level of the knowledge available around.
  5. Last but not the least, in order to keep the rain water free from the filth being drained into the sea, the iron bars are used. Similarly, the knowledge available around is also contaminated with negatives. (We don’t really know from the start what is negative, there are certain things that are intrinsically bad for everything and everyone. Courtesy: Sulaiman Dawood)  So, in order to keep your own sea of knowledge, devoid of negatives, you need to make use of your mind filters (everyone’s mind filter will work differently for the same situation, it depends on one’s own level of understanding, education, and experience), to absorb only the positives, to make your own life and the life of those around you, free from negatives, to make this world a place worth living.

More such analogies, yet to come.

Sajjad Hussain

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