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Water Sprinkles


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While selecting the title for this blog, I kept thinking and quite a few titles did pop up in my mind. But choosing a name for the sake of a name does not serve the purpose.

In order to come up with a name having a lasting impact on your audience, you need to come up with extra ordinarily unusual title and a write up having substance. So I selected two such topics and was amazed to see that if you don’t give a second thought to your thought, you end up in mediocrity.

One title was Waterfall, the other which I already have selected is Water Sprinkles. Let us look into the titles thread bear. Waterfall is all about continuous stream of water falling from top, whereas good ideas don’t come frequently. It takes time to observe, listen, read and contemplate to get to something unusual.

So I chose ‘Water Sprinkles’ as I get small ideas not with continuity but with a gap. I try to make analogy of my abstract ideas to real life situations, so that I can have some thing for my audience to ponder, and get as close as possible, to the meaning of life, as I have understood.

Why have I made WATER as my focal point for the blogs has been revealed and will be dealt with shortly in my other blogs. For the time being, think about ‘Water Sprinkles’.

Sajjad Hussain

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