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Silent Vibes – Voice of my Mind


This post is for my new readers, who are visiting my website for the first time. Don’t skip a post just because you see an unusual title or simply take it on face value. I try to assign unusual titles to my posts to let my audience feel the difference from run of the mill. At times you will be guessing something usual from the pic but the underlying message would be entirely different from your expectations.

I will be putting my heart on these pages in the days to come, to let my readers feel, what is burning inside me. My expectation is, that my readers should also feel my burning passion, as deeply as I am experiencing it.

I understand that people don’t like verbosity, that is why I have kept my blogs as short as possible and to the point.

We all see the things around, but I try to observe them and observe them differently. If you can see the given picture differently, then yes, you should read my other blogs to check your own understanding of reading the ‘Voice of my Mind’.

You will not regret the time spent on reading the ‘Voice of my Mind’.

as EYE see

I will be writing my blogs with a different perspective of life. The title of my blog is ‘Life as EYE see’, so writing something I need to have a pen which is being portrayed in the picture above through the pen and if you look at the pic closely, it appears to resemble like two eyes. So when I see something, I try to observe it and look for the inside story. Once I find it, I process that information in my mind to give it a different meaning to explore the hidden meaning of life.

The word EYE (I) has two connotations one is the physical eye, the other one is my vision as ‘I’.

Picture Courtesy

I want you to join with me in my journey through my thought process, and start looking at things differently and share your thoughts by commenting on my efforts to see, if I have been successful in inculcating in you a sense of critical thinking through these silent vibes.

Sajjad Hussain



6 thoughts on “Silent Vibes – Voice of my Mind”

  1. In “I understand that people, don’t like verbosity, that is why I have kept my blogs as short as possible and to the point.” the first comma is agrammatical


  2. Hi sajjad,
    Your article is really nice. I read ur ans on Do maths have limits?
    You have mentioned about working on finding the facts of life balance through concept of mathematics. Can you share your vision and work related to this with me on my email id?


    1. I wish to thank you for liking my write up.
      I love to make analogies to understand the intricacies of life and whatever are my findings, I write blog on it for the reading pleasure of my well wishers.
      Please share your email ID, and would get in touch with you.


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