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In science, buoyancy is an upward force exerted by a fluid that opposes the weight of an immersed object. In a column of fluid, pressure increases with depth as a result of the weight of the overlying fluid.

A deep thought on this effect would lead us to an amazing concept of how these scientific concepts have a direct relevance with our lives. I am not giving any different meaning to these rules, rather I am just looking at these principles differently to enhance my own understanding of life, to justify the title of my blog, which says “Life as EYE see it”.

Water has a buoyancy effect, i.e. if anything is dropped into the water, it will be bounced back on to its surface due to upward thrust. The more the weight of the object, the more will be the upward thrust of the water. Now if we make an analogy with knowledge, knowledge also has a buoyancy effect, i.e. the more you immerse yourself into knowledge, the more it will help you rise from your level.

And when you rise from your level, you are able to see what is invisible to others and thus it increases your understanding of the hidden meanings of life.

Sajjad Hussain

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