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Angel with Broken Wing

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If you happen to have a chance to observe (not look or see) kids, I would ask you to observe them closely and you will be amazed to learn quite a few interesting things about them.

The very first thing which I have observed in them is, that they are rightly called angels. Their innocence will make you happy from inside. They are playful by nature, but fight among themselves quite often on petty issues, not for the sake of fighting or showing power, but out of innocence and temporary anger.

They have a strong tendency to learn from the environment, as compared to grown up adults. As such, it is required on our part to avoid doing something wrong to them, which can have a negative impact on their upbringing.

Since his/her birth, a kid starts getting instructions to do certain things and refrain from doing others. S/he is not given an opportunity to explore the world around, by him/her self.

When it comes to decide on his/her future professional career, he is spoon fed to become what his/her parents want him/her to be. A doctor’s daughter, must be a doctor, and an engineer’s son, must be an engineer, and the list goes on and on.

Since sky is the limit, so we want our kids to explore the horizon, not out of their own will but by following our instructions. Since we think, we are the best judge, and we know well, what is good for them, and what they are capable of doing in their lives. Thus we impose our will on them, which is like clipping their wings, and then asking them to fly high. Our expectation is that they will achieve success as we have predicted for them.

We want our ‘Angel with Broken Wing’ to fly high up in the sky, and explore the unknown horizons, as per our wishes.

Sajjad Hussain

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