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Living Dead

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At times, I wonder, when I see myself, and people around, that what type of life we are living. We wake up in the morning, go to work or school or whatever we are responsible for doing and then come back home in the evening, and thinking that we are living.

Whatever we are doing, at the end of the day, it is for the sake of our survival. If we compare our life with that of animals, we will see that they are also doing what we are doing. They also wake up in the morning, roam around and find their prey (if they are carnivorous) or search for the grass (if they are herbivorous) eat it and then go to their den (if they have any) or sleep where ever they find a safe abode.

I would like to give 1 extra mark to animals on the count, when they have filled their belly, they leave whatever is left of their prey for others to eat rather than saving it for the other day. Whereas we humans not only eat what is our need, but we freeze the remaining part of our meal for the next day. Since we have seen this being done by our parents for ages, so when we do this, we don’t even bother to think over it, why we are doing it, in the first place.

So over the years, it has become our natural instinct to do so. We are so much engrossed in our day to day living that we seldom have enough time to think beyond, what we are doing. Do I have the right to blame anyone else for it, NO.

Each and everyone has the right to live his/her life the way he or she wants to live. The only thing required on our part is to think, as we have been bestowed upon with a precious gift called ‘mind’, which animals don’t have, and try to seek the purpose of our existence rather than living a life similar to animals, i.e. eating, shitting and sleeping. If we are not doing it then we are living for the sake of living, which animals are doing much better then we humans.

There is a quote, which says, ‘If you continue to think the way you always thought, you will continue to get what you always got’. So we need to change our thought and if even after realization of the fact, we continue to do what we have been doing since ages, then we are all living for the sake of living and not having a clue of the purpose of our existence. In a way, we are all Living Dead.

Sajjad Hussain

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