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Living with Imperfections


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We humans are imperfect and on continuous road to perfection but I am sure we will never achieve perfection during our life time.

Because what is perfect for us will be imperfect for the generation coming after us. And if we stop at achieving what we think is perfect than we will not be able to see the progress which we are witnessing right now.

We don’t want perfection, it is our imperfection which is basically the need for progress.  I end this blog on Rodrigo Garcia’s comments on QUORA.

“Painters say that you never finish a painting; you abandon it. That’s because everything is perfectible – therefore, nothing is perfect–. That includes you and your work.

So, even if your mind screams at you that you’re performing poorly, keep doing it, even if it’s out of spite. Perhaps you’ll get a feeling of accomplishment at the end, and after a few times you’ll get over this.”

If not, do it anyway. Failing is better than freezing.

Sajjad Hussain

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