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Fish in the Water or Water Inside Fish.

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In one of my class lectures, I raised this question to my students, the fish is in the water or the water is inside the fish, the answer was obvious, fish is in water.

So the ‘thing’ is always smaller than its container. It is always the container which is larger than the ‘thing’ being contained in there. So in its entire life time a fish can not explore all the oceans, because it (fish) is smaller than the ocean.

In order for me to see something, I have to be bigger than that thing. The universe, it is said is comprehensible by human mind, that means the universe has to be smaller than the human mind and the ONE who has created the human mind has to be bigger than the human mind, so it is not possible for we humans to see that INVISIBLE FORCE (the CREATOR) and since I am unable to see HIM that does not give me enough justification not to believe HIM.

I am unable to see air and micro organisms all around me but I do believe in their existence by virtue of knowledge, which I have acquired using that beautiful gift of HIM, the MIND.

That probably is the reason why Einstein said ‘Imagination is more important then knowledge’, because knowledge at one point in time becomes limited but imagination is wild in nature.

That’s the reason why, we are able to imagine, because we can imagine any thing be it smaller in size or larger than life. That possibly is the reason that humans have been capable of doing wonders through imagining a thing first and then making it really happen.


Sajjad Hussain


2 thoughts on “Fish in the Water or Water Inside Fish.”

  1. Sajjad ,
    I appreciate your response and have heard similar views. You are entitled to your perception as I am . There is a plethora of ambiguity in life. If there is God , why do all of his so called holy scriptures contradict one another ? Why so much unnecessary suffering and agony in the world if God is capable of preventing and doing all ? Our birth religions are not our choice and yet all world views conflict immensely as there are commonalities. Why do so many convert to different faiths , swearing that they have found truth and then someone else converts to the opposite faith claiming that they have found God ?
    Thank-you !
    PS> Rumi was amazing.


    1. Hi Hilton Tobin,
      You are very right, we follow the religion we are born with and in this short life span it is way to difficult to find the truth.

      We as humans have been bestowed upon by a gift called MIND, which animals don’t have and as such it becomes obligatory on us to make use of it, to at least understand the meaning of life we have, else we will be as numb and as dumb as any animal is.

      If we will keep asking ourselves, if I am ‘WHY’ and if I am not what will happen, then probably one day we might get an answer.

      So the search is on and will continue to be as long as I am alive, if not me, someone else will be, then why not me?


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