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The picture shown above, does not match with the topic under discussion, but once you are done with the reading, you will come to realize the fact, that there are many ways to explain your thoughts. It all depends on how deep is your thinking, and how your write up can have an impact on your target audience.

Since we don’t have an inkling of how our words are taken by the reader, so we have to be cautious in the selection of words and phrasing the sentences.

If I am your enemy and I have a bow and an arrow and I want to harm you, I will have to put you at a distance to create an impact, in order to harm you or kill you.

If I am a doctor and you come to me for medication, and I think you should be given an injection in order to alleviate your pain and suffering, I will have to get close to you to inject the medicine into your body.


In both the cases mentioned above, there is an element of pain. In case of bow and arrow, apart from pain, chances are that you might loose your life. Whereas in case of syringe being pierced into your body, though it will be painful initially, but ultimately it will relieve you of your pain and suffering and will give you a new life.

So, if you think I am your friend and want to help you, even if my talk hurts you initially, get close to me and I will try to improve your life through my words. But if you think I am your enemy and the words I am communicating with you are hurting you in any way, then it is better to keep a distance, to avoid that suffering and pain.

I, on my part assure you that my intent is not to hurt or harm any one by any means, be it my interaction with you through communication or by virtue of my behavior.

If you think I am causing you harm through my words and deeds then I beg your pardon to please forgive me for any such eventuality.


Sajjad Hussain

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