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Charismatic Leadership


Over the last 10 years, since I started teaching, I came to realize the fact that we can understand abstract realities of life through creating analogies and the fascinating part of making these analogies is that they are very logical to understand.

This blog is the outcome of such an analogy. I don’t know why, but once in my class, I told the students to learn the art of relating two things 180 degrees out of phase (i.e. on face even if there is no logical relationship existing, try to make that relationship in order to understand the hidden meanings behind various objects) and over the years, I have started realizing the fact that if I am unable to see the relationship that does not mean that the relationship does not exist (like if I am unable to see the air that does not mean that the air does not exist). In order to see that invisible, I have to develop in myself the ‘vision’ so that I am able to see the invisible.

Once in my office, one of my team member came to me and asked me to teach him management (he was MBA degree holder), I asked him to come to me the day after with few similarities and difference between donkey and magnet.

He didn’t turn up but I on my part thought over it and came up with the analogy, which I am sharing here with you. See for yourself how amazing it is.

  • Both magnet and donkey pull.
  • Donkey pulls everything, whereas magnet pulls only what is its own material.
  • Donkey pulls double its own weight, whereas magnet pulls half of its own weight.
  • We never hear people saying he is a donkey personality, whereas we always hear people saying has is a magnetic personality.

So in order to be a Leader one needs to have the charisma of a magnetic personality to attract followers. Instead of him going to the people, people should come to him.

Sajjad Hussain

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