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Future in the Offing

I am on a mission to understand life and its meaning and for that I have developed in me a knack for making analogies.

The idea to write this blog pop up in my mind, while surfing Amazon web site. I found over 100 pages of books listing. Each page contained 11 titles and all the titles of the book had the word ‘Reflections’.

We know that mirrors reflect images, while glasses refract them. In reflection, we get the true replica of the object in front of the mirror, except that what is on left side is seen on the right side in the mirror with respect to the viewer, but in reality it is the exact replica. Where as in refraction the image formed is tilted somewhat (as air is less dense than glass).

I was wondering about the mirrors and glasses in the car and I developed an analogy, which I am sharing here with you for your reading pleasure.

Picture2Picture Courtesy

There is a back mirror and two side mirrors and one windscreen and a back screen, made up of glass. While driving the car, most of the time we look into the windscreen, and often into the back mirror, and at times on side mirrors (especially when we see some hurdle in front or want to overtake a car). The analogy I have come up with is that the windscreen is future, side mirrors are present and back mirror is past.

We most of the time look into the windscreen i.e. we are futuristic most of the time but the future is usually not what we perceive it to be (refraction). While heading for our future we often have to reflect and get guidance from the past (so as not to make the mistakes we have made in the past), by looking into the back mirror. There are two side mirrors, why is that so because present is what is physically existing and we have to look around in order to survive now.

So the past is gone, the future is in the offing and we are living in present. We are all living in a ‘Moment’. I end this blog with my own quote: Every WILL is NOW and every NOW is THEN.

Think over it and comment please.

Sajjad Hussain

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