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Tagging a Child

“A child is born without a TAG”
~Sajjad Hussain

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When a child is born he does not belong to any ethnicity, language, culture, religion, cast, creed, race, or color, he is simply born as a human. It is we who give him various tags.

If he is born in an English family, the very first identification tag he gets is that of belonging to an English family having white color. From here he gets the second tag, which is his language, i.e. English. Third and fourth tags are the religion of his family and the culture of the society where he is born. The fifth tag is that of his nationality.


In this whole circle of life he loses sight of his real BEING which is HUMAN. My personal understanding of primary tag is that of a HUMAN. If he manages to stick to this only tag, I am sure all the ills of the society can be wiped out.

So before tagging your child with other labels, tag him with one label, a ‘HUMAN’.

Proejct Risk

Sajjad Hussain

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