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Blind Following

The other day I was driving on the road and in front of me there was a truck going. What am I supposed to do? Keep driving behind it closely or keep a safe distance.

Right, I have to keep driving maintaining a safe distance and I did the same, to avoid road breaks and any such eventuality in case the truck in front has to break suddenly.

Usually I like driving behind cars but it is not always possible that you decide if there is a car or a truck going in front of you.


I use this analogy for choosing the LEADER. There is no harm in following a towering  personality (like a truck) rather a LEADER has to have great credentials but he has to be transparent as well, so that if he does something wrong, we should be in a position to save ourselves from blind following, like in case of following a truck on the road.

So my understanding is that collectively we should avoid following anyone blindly no matter what and always try maintaining a safe distance from a LEADER who is not transparent in his wheeling and dealing.

Sajjad Hussain

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