Puppet on a String

Life as EYE see

The moment I was done with my previous blog, I started thinking of coming up with a new blog but I could not figure out the topic to write on. All of a sudden an idea clicked my mind and I asked myself, why it is always ‘brainwashing’ and never ‘mind washing’. I kept on thinking over it and then I decided to extend my previous blog in the name of ‘Why Brainwashing And Not Mind Washing’.

I always tell my students to keep asking ‘WHY’ to themselves; whenever, they come across anything, which they are unable to comprehend.

It is important to ask ‘WHY’ to yourself first, it will generate a thought process in your mind thus enhancing your intellectual capacity. You will start getting answers as you keep asking ‘WHY’ to yourself. But now another question arises, ‘who is going to decide whatsoever answer you have come up with, is…

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