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I like to innovate new ways of teaching to incite interest in my students and that’s why my lectures on the same subject are not same every semester. I keep changing the delivery of the subject.

In one of my previous semesters, instead of taking students one step ahead of the previous topic, I randomly selected various small chunks of ideas to be shared among the students and asked them to relate the concepts to come up with something new in their approach towards learning.

Once they learned the art of making association among various discrete ideas, they came up with a new idea. For example, in one of my lectures of ethics on Black & White (I was trying to make them understand the analogy between Black as darkness i.e. evil or wrongdoing and White as light i.e. truth and right), one student came up with the analogy of Snooker Game in which White ball is used to strike the colored balls and in the end only Black colored ball is to be pot using White.  Which shows that ultimately it is truth or right which is going to prevail no matter how much we are surrounded by evil or wrong.

In the above picture you can see the random dots are shared among the students and they are told to connect the dots in the second pic and once they are able to connect those dots, they can come up with innovative ideas which will inculcate in them, creativity.

So the idea is to let the students think on their own rather than being spoon fed, in order to make them Hero from Zero.

Sajjad Hussain


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