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Universe or Multiverse

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The earth where we live and the planets, stars, and galaxies we are planning to explore in future, when combined together are called ‘Universe’.

I am wondering to know if there is life on other planets and they also would be having their own suns and moons then they in their own right are also having a universe of their own.

So if there are more than one Uni-verses, than how come are we calling all other Uni-verses and not Multiverse?

On the artistic side, ‘Uni’ means ‘One’ and ‘Verse’ is a poetic line of an ode or poem. Then I am kind of lost in the beauty of the meanings attached to the words in various language. If we consider the word Universe as right and there is no such thing as Multiverse, then indirectly, out of our subconscious mind we have realized the fact that this whole Universe is a poetic ode praising some ONE who is Unique and one and only.

I am numb and dumb.

Sajjad Hussain

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