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Dependently Independent


An unusual topic to deal with but I am kind of enthralled after having a deep thought into it.

Neither I am born by virtue of my will nor am I going to die when I want to, but I certainly want to live by my own will.

Does it mean that I am on my own, if that is the case then why on earth, I could not be born by myself (by choosing my parents), where I want to, and not die (except, when I attempt to commit suicide) when I want to. So I can say that I am “Dependently Independent”.

Let’s take yet another example; while drawing a graph, we put independent quantities on X-axis and dependent values on Y-axis.

If we look at our own body, we have quite a few parts of our body, dependent and others independent. For example, my heart and lungs are independent (whether I like it or not they keep doing their work irrespective of my will) so I can put them on X-axis while my eyes, hands, and ears are dependent (because if I don’t want to see something I have the power to close my eyes), so I can put them on Y-axis.

Now if I look at the graph closely, X-axis is drawn horizontally and Y-axis is drawn vertically leading up. So if I want to rise from my level (which will make me human), I have the power to do so by virtue of the power, I have to control my dependent body parts and rise.

So, if I surrender my will on the ‘FORCE’ who has created me out of my will and who has the power to take my life then probably I will get to know the meaning of my life and start giving life a meaning.

Sajjad Hussain


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