Eduaction, Ethics, Philosophy

Shattered Dreams


This blog is more of an ode than a write up, please bear with me.

And once again

I want to recollect

the pieces of my shattered dreams

and go back

into the labyrinth

of my unknown past

to rejoice with my solitude.

Sajjad Hussain

1 thought on “Shattered Dreams”

  1. It’s a nice thing to see you write poetry ­čÖé Really great!

    I once belonged to a place
    Where butterflies fluttered
    Where rain clouds were fluff
    And glitter drizzled

    A place where no sorrow dwelt
    No sadness, no vice
    No matter unsettled

    A place where all dreams came true
    A place where there was no doubt

    I long for the place
    I dream for it the same way
    My reality is different now
    Shattered dreams and hopes destroyed.

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