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Day and Night

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Ever since I learnt English language, I have always heard people saying, day and night. May be it’s because the day comes first and the night afterwards. When I see, the routine of our lives, our day starts early in the morning and ends late in the evening.

So the phrase, ‘day and night’, coined by whosoever, reflects the concept very well, but the confusion compelled me to put in deep thinking on it, because I have been seeing that the new day begins at sunset according to the Islamic calendar and at mid night according to the Christian calendar.

In my lectures, I create confusion among the students, to let them think and come up with their understanding of the concept being shared. Confusion is a prelude to clarity, so this confusion helps them having a different view for the same concepts being discussed and it also helps me to come up with an explanation to this phrase, ‘day and night’ which follows as under:

This blog is based on this confusion and my understanding of it in a different way. I started thinking over it, to know, why it is like this. My deep thinking ended up in success and I got the answer. You can disagree with my understanding but this is how I [EYE] see things.

I see my day starting in the dark (darkness is symbolic to ignorance and has a negative connotation) and leading into light (light has a positive connotation and knowledge is synonymous to light) makes me feel, that every day I wake up, I am ignorant and lead my day through in search of knowledge. It happens daily and will continue to be so, till the end of my life. That’s why learning is called a process and not a project, because it’s a lifelong activity and everyone has to go through it every day.

So I wake up ignorant and I am required to seek knowledge every single day. But I am so much engaged in my day to day affairs that I seldom have enough time to think and find the answer to these symbols, which are spread all around me. This feeling of ignorance compels me to seek knowledge, as the knowledge I have, is limited and the knowledge spread all around, is unlimited.

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In my short span of life time, I have to keep struggling to acquire more and more knowledge, which differentiates me from an animal who doesn’t have the power to THINK. So by thinking, I have to fulfill my obligation of being alive. Knowledge is the only parameter to differentiate me from animals and makes a human, human being and not a social animal.

Sajjad Hussain

2 thoughts on “Day and Night”

  1. Good topic and what I understand from this topic that you want that people use their mind and become a human being not a social animal.


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