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The idea to write this blog on the topic of Dictation, came into my mind when I saw this picture while making a presentation on, “1 2 3 GO”. I was searching pictures for my presentation and I came across this amazing pic.

Since I started making videos and presentations, I have developed a fascination for pictures and I have discovered a habit in me of giving meaning to the pictures. I am amazed to learn quite a few interesting things out of these pictures, which I will be sharing here on my blogs.

It is said that the pictures speak louder than words, and this picture says a lot to those, who want to understand the hidden meaning behind the picture.

When we are young, we are told by our parents to follow their advice and advice of those who are our seniors, be it out of respect, cultural norm or whatever, and we are compelled to listen to them. At times, we have a feeling that whatsoever is being told to us by our ‘seniors’ is wrong, even then we have no right to say ‘NO’.


During my school days, I do recall we used to get dictation from our teacher for linguistic subjects. While following the dictation, I was more focused on what I was hearing and not in the meaning of what was being said. Maybe because at that time I was too young to understand the meaning of the words, else I might have replaced the word being said by my teacher with a word similar in meaning.

This habit of hearing and not arguing or coming up with my own understanding for a certain concept has deepened its roots in my mind to such an extent that I developed a habit, not to argue.


Same is the case while hearing to the sermons of our religious leaders in almost all the religions. The followers are prohibited from raising questions and they are supposed to follow blindly, whatsoever is being sermonized.

Similarly, when we are hearing a politician in a charged atmosphere, we are being hypnotized by ‘his’ speech and loose our thinking capability, which results in applaud and we give him standing ovation without even thinking about, what he said, if it was in our favor or it was for himself.

Male and Female Logic

Especially in eastern societies where people are more emotional than rational, out of their nature, norms and/or belief system, they only argue (because they have a tendency to hear) without having an understanding of the discussion underway and are least inclined to listen to the logic being presented.

This picture depicts dilemma of an individual who is seeing a yellow flower but he is being forced to call it blue as is being whispered by someone whom he cannot deny, for some reason (because he is his elder, parent, or teacher). The fact is that he is seeing a yellow flower, but he is being forced not to make a decision based on what he is seeing, but to perceive the color of the flower, as is being whispered.

As long as you will continue to follow blindly (Blind Following) your ‘elders’ or ‘seniors’ and not thinking on your own, you will continue to make such mistakes, which will when repeated would turn out to be a blunder, for which no one else would be held responsible, except you.

So be your own self, get the control of your life in your own hands, and learn to take responsibility. Listen to everyone, but follow the guidance of your mind and act wholeheartedly to achieve your passion in life, by believing in your own self. Since what you see is the truth and nothing but the truth.

Sajjad Hussain


10 thoughts on “Dictation”

  1. exactly sir ….. i am having the same thinking … i beleive what i think about some thing …. what i percieve about some thing is right ……. its my nature that i listen to all but listen to mine……

    As you talk about relion leaders …. so when i want to know about any thing about my religion i got confuse , that where i have to go … or from which cults’s leader i have to ask…..

    i really appriciate your view sir……


  2. sure.. this is the dilemma of our society which is growing rapidly in the roots of our educational system, political regime etc. own thoughts, own perceptions about things are very important to excel in every aspect of life.
    i have seen alot of religious scholars saying that we are obligated to do whatever our religion preaches us without finding a logic because logic, philosophy, science has nothing to do with religion … but this sounds like a myth.. i think ur faith should be strong enough that u should have a belief that since it is Islam that taught us a certain thing then there surly be a logic behind it and then try ur most to find out the logic behind the teaching.


  3. love the picture and its subliminal meaning…i think in our society …. not arguing with ones own intellect and questioning the irrational things is a big issue… this makes people loose sense of rationality and hence gives rise to people who are incapable of making and standing by their own choices…i think parents should teach their children to decide for themselves rather than spoon feed them…Also when it comes to religion this exact notion gives rise to extremism perhaps … because most of the people are ill-informed about religion… and consequently they reject logic and adapt to irrational thinking and actions


  4. “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”


  5. when i saw the photo i got the same perception that you have written.
    i am a victim of this dictation thing, believing on others, what they are saying is right, and after some time it come into my knowledge that actually they were not right and this happens quite often to me.
    well sooner or later i have to develop a habit ho discuss the things.
    btw good work sir 🙂


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