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Blossoming Flower

The blossoming of a flower is not something to be talked about as a blog, but there are hidden meanings in it which I am trying to share with my readers. Initially, a flower is sprouted as a bud and with the passage of time blossoms into a flower and then after spending its time… Continue reading Blossoming Flower

Eduaction, Leadership, Motivation, Self development, Symbolism, Wisdom

Change for the Better

"Human thought generally can be divided into two modes, the visual and the verbal. When you think about your next vacation and imagine sitting under a palm tree and sipping a cold drink, you’re probably thinking visually. If you’re thinking what you’ll say when you make a presentation at work, you’re likely thinking in words… Continue reading Change for the Better

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Broken Heart

While watching this most amazing motivational video (link given hereunder) by Sandeep Maheshwari, I am writing the most demotivating blog of my life. I had a severely hard time this semester (Spring 2018) and my heart got broken because I had high expectations this semester from the group of same students whom I taught… Continue reading Broken Heart

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Intent Supersedes Action

Disclaimer: This blog is purely based on my religious belief, so you are on your own to accept or reject my viewpoint. Way back in 2007, I was making my very first presentation on 'Vision'. When I started making it for the first time, there were only 7 slides in all on 'vision', as I… Continue reading Intent Supersedes Action


Generation Gap

My current blog is based on my observation of Dr. Eric Berne's psychological theory 'The Transactional Analysis'. [1] "TA claims that we can better understand ourselves by analyzing our transactions with the people closest to us. Transaction = conversation/interaction between two people. TA is based on 3 principles: We all have three ‘ego states’ (Parent, Adult, and Child) We… Continue reading Generation Gap