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This post is for my new readers, who are visiting my website for the first time.

If you can see the difference between the two pics then yes, you should read my other blogs to check your own understanding of reading the ‘Voice of my Mind’.

You will not regret the time spent on reading the ‘Voice of my Mind’.

as EYE see

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On face, both the pictures are same, one big, the other one, small. My intent of showing you these two pics is to let you see them in a different context. That’s what I have and I will be writing in my blogs to give you a different perspective of life.

The title of my blog is ‘Life as EYE see it’, so writing something I need to have a pen which is being portrayed in the big picture through a pen and if you look at the smaller pic, it appears to resemble like an EYE. So whatever I am seeing through my EYEs, I process that information in my mind to give it a different meaning to explore the hidden meaning of life,

The word EYE (I) has two connotations one is the physical eye, the other one is my vision as ‘I’.

Sajjad Hussain


Almost all the motivational speakers, always motivate youngsters, by inciting them to read the word ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ as “I’M Possible”. I also got amazed, when I learnt it for the first time.

We are always motivated to take life as a challenge, and face the acrid realities of life head on. It is but a daunting task to be taken on face value, as life is not a drama or a film story, where at the end of the day, everything ends up as, ‘happy go lucky’.

I started looking at it (I’M Possible) differently, why, because I think we should not be blind followers. Everyone of us, has the right to live and lead his/her life, the way s/he wants to live, and should in no case, be following the dictates of others. If s/he does so, is bound to be exploited.

Life is, but a reality, and has to be taken, as a reality show, where you get one chance to perform and you are expected to perform to the best of your abilities. If, for some reason or the other, you are unable to come up to the expectations of the audience, you loose your competition and never get, a second chance to prove, that you are the best. You are only left with tears in your eyes, and you feel like dying. At times you know, that you are being ‘televised’ live, even then, you are devastated to an extent, that you dare to cry, in front of the people, which is but a humiliation, beyond one’s wildest imagination.

Are you living your life for the audience, or for your own self? What exactly is expected of you, out of your life?

You have been sent in this world all alone, not by virtue of your own will and you are not going to die out of your own will (except if you commit suicide, which is a coward act in itself, and shows your inability to face the odds of life, and prohibited in most of the religions across the globe). You are supposed to live your life by yourself, even if, you don’t want to.

Almost all of us, while living our lives, go through certain odds. At times, these odds are physical, social, psychological, and traumatic in nature. Few of us even loose quite a few invaluable organs of their bodies making them completely bed ridden or handicapped and dependent on their loved ones. But the life goes on.


I have written this blog for the broken hearts, who have met with an eventuality in their lives and lost hope. The purpose is not to persuade them through false hopes, and following the dictum “I’M Possible”, but with a wish, to help them do, and keep doing whatever they can, in their capacity, because ultimately it is their own life, and they have to live it by themselves. Whatever they have lost, during their journey through life, is/are never ever going to come back to them, and they have to lead their arduous journey through life all alone, like a solitary reaper. 

Live your life in present, whatever is gone, is gone for good. Whatever is there in store for you in the future, no one is certain about it. Living in present, is a statement, easy said then done, but since I have been through the thick and thin of life all through, so it is my suggestion.

Living for the sake of living is living like animals, but knowing the purpose of your life is the essence of your living, as a human. Crux of the blog, you have got only this life to live, and you will not get a second chance to perform. It is, but an impossible project to be accomplished remaining within the timeline of your life, keep aside ifs and buts and start facing the odds.

How are you going to accomplish it? With a smile, or a grim face! choice is yours.

Good luck with your ‘Mission Impossible’.

Sajjad Hussain

Pearl of Life


Sajjad Hussain


Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkle

While writing blogs, I keep thinking, how on earth I am getting these silent vibes now, while it’s been a long time since I am alive on this planet. At times, I feel like, I am lost in the wilderness of my thought process and keep surmising to find the hidden meanings of life. In my search for finding the purpose of my life, I have come across some fascinating ideas, which I like to share with my readers. One such vibe is elaborated here under:

The couplet cited above from Iqbal’s (Poet of the East) verse says that “The world is yet to be completed that is why we see quite a few new happenings every single day”. I like to contradict with the poet on this, when he says the world is yet to be completed. I think it is already complete, it is we who are exploring it and every single day we find some new (from our perspective, because the gravitational pull of the earth, the round shape of the earth and anomalous expansion of water etc. were already there since ages, it is only we, who have explored these realities with the passage of time, as our intellect grew) things and that is why we think it is under construction, so we are surprised at the new findings.

The reason why, I used the couplet is, its second phrase, which focuses on the Quranic scripture ‘Kun Fayakoon’ cited above, which means HE does not have to plan, HE not even thinks, and it happens and the perfection of HIS project can be witnessed in the form of us, humans, HIS super project.

Since we are unable to comprehend quite a few of HIS creations before time, so we have this feeling that it is happening every single day.

We as humans, have to plan ahead of time, before executing any project. It takes a long time for us to conceive a project, plan it and then implement it, with a hope that it would end up as a quality project, even then after having gone through exhaustive brainstorming, we remain skeptical about the outcome, until the end.

What we see around us, appears to be sheer chaos, whereas in reality, its order and not chaos, which surrounds us. You have the right to disagree with me, but let me share with you a TED video, wherein Mr. David Kwong says that we are wired to find order out of chaos.


I used the word ‘see’ in the paragraph above and not ‘look’, why, because when you see something, you are not told for it, you do it inadvertently on a daily basis. But if I want you to see something, I have to ask you, to have a look at this or that. I have been pondering for quite sometimes on these four English language words, see, look, hear and listen, and like to appreciate their meanings here.

We, as HIS super creation, have been asked to look and listen, and what we do is see and hear. All HIS creations are symbolic in nature, and since we are unable to extract meanings, out of these symbols, we see it chaotic, and those who somehow manage to look at these symbols and able to extract some semblance of logic, are able to see the order.

In order to find order, from chaos surrounding us, we have to look at the symbols and listen to the silent vibes of nature to see, what HE wants us to see and why?

Sajjad Hussain


Wonderful life by Black:

If you are given an option to watch Black & White or color TV, your choice would certainly be Color TV. Why is that so, because we have been seeing the world around, colorful (except for those who are either blind or color blind).

All the glitz and glamour around successful people is always colorful. Though they themselves have been through the thick and thin of life, all through their career, to make it colorful for others. Quite a few of them, have been through traumatic situations, all through their lives, and their ends have usually been sorrowful. Yet we keep craving for that glamorous life.


Although we do come across quite a few black and white objects in our daily lives, but we seldom care about them, being black & white. We are attuned to look at the colorful world.

In organizations, we do come across people saying, everything needs to be in black and white, and I was kind of shocked to visualize a stark reality. That is, we like everything around, to be colorful, but when it comes to serious business, it has to be in black and white.


It compelled me to think that life is not what we see around, it is beyond these colors. It actually has to be black and white. Nature sent us to a colorful world, and expected us to ponder through the experience, and explore black and white, from the colors around, to reach to the real truth, surrounding us.

Exploring Black and White from the Colors, is nothing, but Ethics. In our search for black and white from the colors around, we at times mix black and white and come across grey patches in our lives, which creates ethical dilemma to choose from. The more we are able to shrink these grey areas the more ethical we become.

For finding the truth, we have to learn to choose black and white from the colors and shrink the grey area as much as possible to fulfill the purpose of life, as living a meaningful life is a serious business and a business has to be in black and white.


This post was made public yesterday, and today August 15, 2015, I received a comment from one of my student, Sulaiman Dawood disagreeing with me, on making life as absolute Black and White. I have no doubt about it that we can not completely wipe out grey area, which surrounds us. As we keep exploring the hidden realities of life, this grey area will keep us feeling its presence.

Sajjad Hussain


Life is filled with wonderful symbols, letting you surmise through the hour glass of life. Let me explain you, what do I mean by this.

My ‘University’ is in the ‘East’ of the city, where I live in. Every morning, I wake up and get ready to start my journey towards East, to reach my destination. For a layman, it can be considered as a frivolous stroll, as it is something he has to do, irrespective of his will or otherwise, but for me, it is carrying a message, a message worth sharing to explore the meaning of life.

University is a place where information is imparted, and when students process that information, to make use of it in their day to day life, is converted into knowledge.

East is the direction from where the Sun rises and when the Sun rises, we see light all around us. Knowledge is considered as light, which lets you see, what is otherwise invisible.


Early in the morning, when I am moving towards East, my shadow on my back, is longer than myself, at noon my shadow is, right under my feet and in the evening, when I am heading towards West, my shadow is way too long and ahead of me.   

The lesson, I learned from it is, that when you head for the knowledge, ignorance is left behind you, when you immerse yourself in knowledge, ignorance comes under your feet and when you move away from knowledge, it is as if you are heading towards ignorance. 


I have put the two words, University and East in inverted commas, to let you see the symbols surrounding our lives, to extract the meanings associated with these symbols, to explore the meaning of life, which is simply to seek knowledge, and give life a meaning out of this frivolous strolling.


For all my readers, who do not understand Urdu, its a verse, in which poet says:

I went through the world frivolously, otherwise there were many worlds around, which I was expected to explore.

Sajjad Hussain

Against the Odds




If I want to convince anyone about anything I am talking, I need to have a valid logical reason, to make him/her convinced. If there is a flaw in my argument, it will not be acceptable to anyone, unless it is supported by a valid logical reason.

WOW comes out of our mouth inadvertently, when we listen to something unusually logical. This WOW (Word of Wisdom) thing has acceptance to everybody, since it is logical. When that logic appeals to our mind, our mind accepts it and it directly goes into our heart.

Literally it is said that when you talk something and if it has got some weightage, it hits your mind and goes into the heart.


The idea to write this blog came to my mind out of the blue, when I saw a dead leave falling on the ground. There were leaves on the ground and pieces of paper scattered all around and all of a sudden, the wind blows and all the papers and leaves started flying in the direction of the wind.

There is nothing unusual about it, it is common sense, that when the wind blows everything lighter in weight will fly in the direction of the wind.



This verse is taken from the poetry of Dr. Iqbal, a thinker and a poet of Pakistan. For my audience not aware of Urdu language, let me interpret it for you.

It says that any pray coming out of your heart, has got an impact and power to affect the listener (here the listener is Almighty Allah, who has the power to assuage our sufferings).

Though that pray does not have wings to fly, yet by virtue of the impact it has (as it comes from the inner core of our heart), it flies and goes directly to HIM.


I now interpret all these different Acts as under:

1. Any thing lighter in weight than air, it will fly in the direction of the air.

2. Any thing heavier than air can not fly.

 3. A prayer (I consider this prayer as knowledge) coming out of my heart, though it is heavy in weight (by virtue of my sincerity in it), yet it has the power to fly and reach to the sky.

4. If I get the knowledge which is widely scattered all around, and make sincere and concerted effort to make use of it for the sake of humanity, then even though it’s as heavy as a jumbo 747, has the power to fly in the air. But the beauty of this flight is that it goes against the blow of the wind.

So, if someone coming to this world lives a normal life, without achieving anything, is like, he lived a life as the dead leaf or a piece of useless paper (flying), moving in the direction of his destiny, without bringing any change in his and/or other’s lives.

Whereas, people who manage to lead their lives against all the odds and do something worthwhile for the humanity, are the ones, who lived their lives as a true human, with a thorough understanding of the meaning of life, thus giving their lives a meaning.

So to live a meaningful life, we have no choice but to fight ‘Against the Odds’.


For my international readers: The Poet Dr. Iqbal here is referring the youth as ‘Eagle’ and tells them not to be afraid of the opposing winds, as they (the winds) are blowing to help the eagle to fly high.

Sajjad Hussain

With due apologies to all those SELFIE ADDICTS.


I have been wondering since long that people around now a days keep posting selfies on their FB. The most pathetic part of it is that most of the selfies are taken while they are eating out somewhere.

It looks as if they have nothing else except eating. They have come to this world just for the sake of eating and eating alone. Whatever they are making at the end of a hard day work, is being used for eating out.

It looks more like as if they are born to eat, whereas, I personally feel that life is beyond this eating mania.

If somehow, they manage to get out of this eating frenzy, then quite a few of them are one way or the other, subservient to their heart. Like being in love with someone and willing to die for him/her.

I am afraid that is also not the purpose of life of Humans.

Very few of us are actually engaged in the pursuit of finding the true meaning of life by making use of that beautiful gift, bestowed to them by the Creator, called mind.

Sajjad Hussain

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