Generation Gap

My current blog is based on my observation of Dr. Eric Berne's psychological theory 'The Transactional Analysis'. [1] "TA claims that we can better understand ourselves by analyzing our transactions with the people closest to us. Transaction = conversation/interaction between two people. TA is based on 3 principles: We all have three ‘ego states’ (Parent, Adult, and Child) We… Continue reading Generation Gap

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The Cinema

Here is an excerpt from my previous blog Day and Night, which I am going to negate at the end with an altogether different reason.  The new day begins at sunset according to the Islamic calendar and at midnight according to the Christian calendar.I see my day starting in the dark (darkness is symbolic to ignorance… Continue reading The Cinema

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The Wisdom of Silence

I realized only recently this mind-boggling concept, which is being shared here for your reading pleasure. The pic above is a bell curve used in many ways to depict the various aspects of our life. In humanities, it is used to define lifecycle, Six Sigma in Operations Management and Product Life Cycle in Marketing etc. This… Continue reading The Wisdom of Silence


360 OR 1

This is in continuation of my previous two blogs 360 Degrees and 360 Degrees Plus. In both these previous blogs, I discussed data, information, knowledge, and wisdom and tried to look beyond wisdom or outside this universe for finding the 'eternal truth'. The search for Eternal Truth continues in this blog as well. But this time… Continue reading 360 OR 1