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This post is for my new readers, who are visiting my website for the first time.

I will be putting my heart on these pages in the days to come, to let my reader feel, what is burning inside me. My expectation is, that my reader should also feel my burning passion, as deeply as I am experiencing it.

I understand that people, don’t like verbosity, that is why I have kept my blogs as short as possible and to the point.

We all see the things around but I try to observe them and observe them differently. If you can see the given picture differently, then yes, you should read my other blogs to check your own understanding of reading the ‘Voice of my Mind’.

You will not regret the time spent on reading the ‘Voice of my Mind’.

as EYE see

I will be writing my blogs with a different perspective of life. The title of my blog is ‘Life as EYE see’, so writing something I need to have a pen which is being portrayed in the picture above through the pen and if you look at the pic closely, it appears to resemble like two eyes. So when I see something, I try to observe it and look for the inside story. Once I find it, I process that information in my mind to give it a different meaning to explore the hidden meaning of life.

The word EYE (I) has two connotations one is the physical eye, the other one is my vision as ‘I’.

I want you to join with me in my journey through my thought process, and start looking at things differently and share your thoughts by commenting on my efforts to see, if I have been successful in inculcating in you a sense of critical thinking through these silent vibes.

Sajjad Hussain


Odd Man Out

The search into the anticlockwise movement of things around continues to explore the hidden meanings of life being portrayed through symbols. During a journey, if your car tire gets flattened, you have to replace it in order to continue your journey. But did you ever pay any attention on how the nut tying the tire is moved to remove the flat tire. It is always in anticlockwise direction.


Picture Courtesy

Similarly, various gadgets in our homes are tied together with screws nuts and bolts and if you observe them all closely, you will come to realize the fact that they all need to be moved counterclockwise either to replace or remove completely.

Am I rightly justified in presuming that, in order to get things going we have to remove or replace the ‘Odd Man Out’, and once we are done with it, it’s business as usual.

In our day to day life, we do come across hurdles of various kinds and if we want to get rid of them, we have no choice but to opt counter measures to get things in order.

Google Chrome


Picture Courtesy 

I use Google Chrome as my search engine to surf the net. While writing this blog, I paid a little more attention to the search wheel (I don’t know the exact word for this, so I have made my own dictum for it) on the left of search toolbar. To my amazement, you will second me, when we write the search term in the toolbar, this wheel moves in anticlockwise direction first and when the secure site is found it starts moving in the clockwise direction.

Can I make an analogy with the real world, that if you want to carry out research, you have to make a counterclockwise move first and then when you are done with your search, you can do your work as usual.

My point here is to emphasize upon the significance and importance of observing things, as no one has observed before to see for yourself, if it enthralls your own imagination.

Look for the sights and sounds around and try to find clues to surprise yourself with unimaginable possibilities surrounding us in the form of symbols by going against the odds to find the hidden meanings of life.

To be concluded in the forth coming blog ‘Listening the Silence’.

Sajjad Hussain

Scroll the Wheel

sleepless-nights-00Picture Courtesy

I am wondering how to start this blog, as I am kind of shocked, as I keep surmising more and more into the counterclockwise movement of various things around.

We are so much engrossed in our day to today living, that we seldom get enough time to observe and think about various things around. The more I observe them closely, the more I am getting new insights into the world we are in, opening up a whole new world of amazing ideas.

As I have been writing in my previous three blogs (Ticking ClockReverse Thinking and Discus Throw) that our life is moving in clockwise direction, whereas it is the anticlockwise movement that lifts us UP.

Scroll the wheel on mouse 

To navigate the computer screen, we use the scroll wheel. In order to move up the screen, we scroll the wheel in anticlockwise direction and getting back to the main screen, we have to scroll it in clockwise direction.

Isn’t it amazing to note that our life ends after following the clockwise movement of time, is similar to going to back to the top of the screen on our computer, where we started, for which we move the scroll wheel in clockwise direction.

Elevator pulley

The same analogy depicted above, shows that it’s the anticlockwise movement of the pulley, which lifts the elevator up. Similarly, if you opt to capitalize on your unique identity by following your passion, no matter how much opposition (counterweight shown in the pic below) you face in materializing your passion, you are bound to get to the top, by negating the odds through moving in the opposite direction.

tunnel-visionPicture Courtesy

If you think yourself as a pulley, you are helping rise the elevator UP and if you consider yourself the elevator you are a source of lifting the people UP, boarding the elevator. Whatever you are, you have the potential to rise on your own and when you reach to a point, where you are in a position to lift the people (around you) UP, feel yourself duty bound to help them rise also. This is how you will be serving the purpose of you being human and alive.

Continues in the next blog …. ‘Odd Man Out‘.

Sajjad Hussain

Discus Throw


The more I think, the more I get new perspectives for the same concept of symbolism, I have been working on, since I started blogging in 2012. This blog again is in continuation with my previous two blogs written in December 2015, namely Ticking Clock and Reverse Thinking.

149904848Picture Courtesy

This time around, I was watching sports channel and I saw the game of ‘Discus Throw’, I was kind of mesmerized to see that the athletes were rotating themselves anticlockwise to throw the metal disc as far as possible to win the game. If someone wants to throw the disc by rotating himself clockwise, he can only do so making use of his ‘Left Hand’ (here ‘Left Hand’ is symbolic, as not right).

The disc thrown in the game is of heavy metal, which shows that no matter how heavy is the weight (here weight is symbolic, i.e. burden of life), you are carrying, you have the power to go Against the Odds, yet another blog of mine totally different from the above two blogs.

What I deduce from this symbolism is that if you really want to excel to the limits, you have to move against the wind, to identify yourself as the unique being. You have to move anticlockwise i.e. against the odds, to mark your presence in the world as someone who contributed for the betterment to the extent of his/her potential.

I am wondering more and more when I observe quite a few such similarities in the anticlockwise movement of a fan. I don’t know why it moves anticlockwise but it is the anticlockwise movement of the fan which gives fresh breath of air.


The oceanic waves though move clockwise, but if you have to explore the ocean you need to swim against the waves using anticlockwise movement of your both hands, or even if you are making use a raft, you have to use the wooden ores anticlockwise, or else if you are using them (ores) clockwise then you need to sit the other way round. In both the cases you have to go against the norm.

670px-Be-a-Good-Rower-Step-3Picture Courtesy 

Make this blog as your ‘New Year Resolution’ for 2016.

Continues in the next blog ….. Scroll the Wheel

Sajjad Hussain

2015 in Review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,200 times in 2015. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Reverse Thinking


This is in continuation with my previous blog Ticking Clock.


Any bottle, be it medicine or ketchup, in order to get the content out from inside the bottle, you need to open it up by moving the cap counterclockwise. Even the door lock of your house can only be opened, if the key is moved counterclockwise.

670px-Open-a-Bottle-of-Water-Step-4-Version-2Picture Courtesy

Is it not baffling your mind that how on earth there is semblance of symmetry in all the things around us. I am sure that the person who thought about the cap on the bottle to be moved counterclockwise to open, and the person who invented the lock in the first place, were two different people, but they thought the same way for something to open.

coming-home-unlocking-door1Picture Courtesy

Now let’s find out how is it linked with my previous blog. In my previous blog, I have talked about clockwise movement of our life for gauging the age, with the counter clockwise movement of heavenly bodies. My understanding about these movements (I may be wrong) is that actually it is counterclockwise move which opens up anything, be it your mind.

Most of the people think the way everyone is thinking (to get to understand what do I mean by this analogy, read my blog by following the link Against the Odds, whereas in order to get to understand the hidden meaning of life, you will have to start thinking the other way round, which will open up altogether new vistas.

In electro-magnetics, the right hand rule is a way to predict the direction of a force in a magnetic field. To predict the behavior of positive charges, use your right hand. To predict the behavior of negative charges, use your left hand. 

right_hand_rulePicture Courtesy 

Amazingly if you look at the concept above, you will see that the counterclockwise movement of your right hand is taken as positive and the thumb directs you in the positive Y direction. The negativity is attributed to left hand and the counterclockwise movement of your left hand will direct you in the negative Y direction, and clockwise movement of your left hand will direct you in the positive Y direction.

(I am sorry to admit that quite a few concepts are not as easy to digest as I am trying to make them understandable to you. I can only request you to please bear with me on this count)

According to Neuro-scientists, the right brain thinks artistically whereas the left thinks logically, which  in a way substantiates one of my previous arguments described in my another blog Art vs Science.

12366900_10153829038580746_1327532239_nPicture Courtesy

In order to be logical in your approach, you need to make use of your mind artistically first and then let it think in the reverse direction to end up in a logical conclusion.

That thinking would come your way, when you start thinking against the usual thought process and that is only possible when you open your mind through ‘Reverse Thinking.’

Continues in the next blog ….. Discus Throw

Sajjad Hussain




Ticking Clock


The other day I was talking to my students of Ethics and came to visualize something unusual, which I am sharing here with you.

In Cartesian coordinate system, clockwise movement is taken as negative and counterclockwise as positive for solving various mathematical problems.


Picture Courtesy

Whereas the movement of almost all the heavenly bodies is counterclockwise. (Ref.: Science Blogs)spinning-globe-oPicture Courtesy

Even the Tawaaf (circular movement) of pilgrims around Holy Ka’aba is counterclockwise.


Picture Courtesy 

To further elaborate my point of view, here is an excerpt from my previous blog Dependently Independent


Let’s take yet another example; while drawing a graph, we put independent quantities on X-axis and dependent values on Y-axis.

If we look at our own body, we have quite a few parts of our body, dependent and others independent. For example, my heart and lungs are independent (whether I like it or not they keep doing their work irrespective of my will) so I can put them on X-axis while my eyes, hands and ears are dependent (because if I don’t want to see something I have the power to close my eyes), so I can put them on Y-axis.

Now if I look at the graph closely, X axis is drawn horizontally and Y-axis is drawn vertically leading up. So if I want to rise from my level (which will make me human), I have the power to do so by virtue of the power, I have to control my dependent body parts and rise.

With every single passing day, we feel as if we are growing in age (i.e. positive), whereas actually we are getting close to our death, i.e. to say that we are moving in the negative direction to get close to our destiny. 

Our lives begin with sand and end in sand as we are buried inside sand, when we die. The clock of life is ticking in clockwise direction and the earth is rotating in counterclockwise direction, so whether we like it or not, we are bound to get to our destiny.

Written here under is a verse with the same concept in Urdu (my native language) by one of the poet.


Looking at these symbols of nature, during this unusual journey from life to death, we are being reminded every day to look for cues, scattered all around us, to find the ultimate truth, which is hidden everywhere in symbols.


Continues in the next blog ….. Reverse Thinking


Truth Lies

Truth-LiesPicture Courtesy

Read between the lines is one of the phrases, which is often said by the intellectuals to understand the hidden meaning, especially while reading a newspaper. Because the real story behind a news is usually between the lines, it is a diplomatic way of hiding the truth and conveying the message to the right quarters between the lines.

A lined paper is usually white in color with black lines and whatsoever is written on the lines is also usually of black color but the white space in between remains white.

If we look at the symbolic meaning of black and white then, the black color is depicted as ignorance, whereas white reflects knowledge. So the true knowledge is somewhere between black written words, hidden between white lines.

Usually, it is our perception that whatever we see, we believe, without giving a second thought to what we are seeing, is not the truth. The real truth is hidden somewhere in between those black written lines.

The ‘lie’ which is portrayed as ‘truth’ actually lies, in between the black words and the truth lies somewhere between the lines. So from now on, learn how to read between the lines, to seek the real Truth.

Watch out for the Truth that lies!

Sajjad Hussain


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