Voice of my Mind

If you can see the difference between the two pics then yes, you should read my other blogs to check your own understanding of reading the ‘Voice of my Mind’.

You will not regret the time spent on reading the ‘Voice of my Mind’.

as EYE see

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On face, both the pictures are same, one big, the other one, small. My intent of showing you these two pics is to let you see them in a different context. That’s what I have and I will be writing in my blogs to give you a different perspective of life.

The title of my blog is ‘Life as EYE see it’, so writing something I need to have a pen which is being portrayed in the big picture through a pen and if you look at the smaller pic, it appears to resemble like an EYE. So whatever I am seeing through my EYEs, I process that information in my mind to give it a different meaning to explore the hidden meaning of life,

The word EYE (I) has two connotations one is the physical eye, the other one is my vision as ‘I’.

Sajjad Hussain


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Rain Drain

Day before yesterday, my city got heavy downpour and within no time, the whole city was inundated. While commuting to the university the other day, I noticed that the rain water found its way to the drain, by itself. I also saw quite a few drains closed and quite few above the road level, so the rain water could only drain where it was open and also at the road level. I also happen to see that there were two types of open drains.

The ones with no barriers where the rain water, along with filth spread all over, was also going down the drain and the other, with iron bars (working as filters) as shown above in the pic, where only the rain water was being drained and the garbage around, was getting accumulated on top of the drain.

An obvious observation, what is unusual about it? The beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Now try to look at the usual observation cited above, in an unusual way, as I am trying to view it through my water analogy (I have been working on since long), equating water with knowledge.

1. Like rain water, the knowledge also comes from above (may be that’s the reason, that our mind is placed on top of our body).

2. Rain water wets every one, so does the knowledge, which is available to everyone.

3. Rain water does not go into those drains, which are closed. It only goes to those drains, which are open. Similarly the knowledge available around, is only good for those, who want to learn from it with an open mind. Closed minds remain devoid of the knowledge around.

4. As the rain water could only go to the drain, either below or at the same road level, so does the knowledge. In order to get the benefit of the knowledge around, you need to be submissive (down to earth) and have to raise your level of understanding to the level of the knowledge available around.

5. Last but not the least, in order to keep the rain water free from the filth being drained into the sea, the iron bars are used. Similarly the knowledge available around, is also contaminated with negatives. ( We don’t really know from the start what is negative. There are certain things that are intrinsically bad for everything and everyone. Courtesy: Sulaiman Dawood)  So, in order to keep your own sea of knowledge, devoid of negatives, you need to make use of your mind filters (everyone’s mind filter will work differently for the same situation, it depends on one’s own level of understanding, education, and experience), to absorb only the positives, to make your own life and the life of those around you, free from negatives, to make this world a place worth living.

More such analogies, yet to come.

Sajjad Hussain


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Open Mind


Sajjad Hussain


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Stress Management

Beautifully explained the concept of Stress Management, worth listening

Sajjad Hussain



Order & Chaos



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Water Sprinkles

14 - 1 (61)

While selecting the title for this blog, I kept thinking and quite a few titles did pop up in my mind. But choosing a name for the sake of a name does not serve the purpose.

In order to come up with a name having a lasting impact on your audience, you need to come up with extra ordinarily unusual title and a write up having substance. So I selected two such topics and was amazed to see that if you don’t give a second thought to your thought, you end up in mediocrity.

One title was Waterfall, the other which I already have selected is Water Sprinkles. Let us look into the titles thread bear. Waterfall is all about continuous stream of water falling from top, whereas good ideas don’t come frequently. It takes time to observe, listen, read and contemplate to get to something unusual.

So I chose ‘Water Sprinkles’ as I get small ideas not with continuity but with a gap. I try to make analogy of my abstract ideas to real life situations, so that I can have some thing for my audience to ponder, and get as close as possible, to the meaning of life, as I have understood.

Why have I made WATER as my focal point for the blogs has been revealed and will be dealt with shortly in my other blogs. For the time being, think about ‘Water Sprinkles’.

Sajjad Hussain


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Meaning of Life is to Give Life a Meaning

People since ages have tried to explain the meaning of life from different angles, but to date no one has really come up with the true meaning of life.

Whosoever, explained the meaning of life, always got recognition from among their peers. So that perspective of life got inroads into their thinking as the true meaning of life and hence they tried to propagate that meaning of life through all the channels available to them. How far they have been successful in it, can only be confirmed from their peers.

I am only trying to make my point, that we all have to try to keep finding the meaning of life, as this is, what life is all about.

Sajjad Hussain


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Living in a MOMENT



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