Man is Intelligent but People are Stupid.

Mr. Fahad Ali Raza was invited as a guest speaker in one of my class of ethics. He started his presentation using this phrase ‘Man is intelligent and People are Stupid’, which I am making use of, as the title of my blog.

When a child is born, he is as good as any animal could be, because all the animals do two things: ‘eating and shitting’, and a kid until the age of 5, does the same thing.

When kid’s intellect (which differentiates him from animals) grows, his mind is bombarded with various beliefs, like his parent’s religion and ethnicity, and belonging to a country or area. In simple words his mind is brainwashed to believe what his ‘elders’ think, is right for him.

For example, if he is born in America, he is American, if he is born in a Hindu family, he is a Hindu, if he is born in a French speaking family, he is identified as French and similarly, if he is born in a particular Muslim sect, he is recognized as, member of that particular sect.

It means, now he is not, what he actually is i.e. a ‘human’, he is brainwashed into, what his family, environment, society, religion, ethnic background, or culture, defines him to be. All these variables emerge from his association with the country, language, religious beliefs, culture, and ethnic background. This association has an overwhelming impact on his emotional attachment with this ‘identity’. He looses sight of his own ‘self’ and becomes, what he is made, and not, what he actually is. In this stage, he is more categorized as, part of a herd of ‘PEOPLE’ and not mankind.

When he further develops his intellect, then he comes to realize, his true self and that true self is nothing but ‘humanity’.

In order to clarify my understanding of the concept given above, I would like to quote Hazrat Ali’s (KAW) saying, interpreted as: ‘Whosoever recognizes his Self, recognizes Almighty Allah’. For the sake of understanding this saying, I like you to look at our own body to understand the philosophy hidden behind.

The lower half of our body is meant for ‘eating and shitting’, which animals also do. It means that, whosoever is only concerned and engaged in fulfilling the stomach, and getting rid of the extra burden, which he has accumulated into his stomach, by virtue of his greed, is at the lowest tier of his ‘creation’. At this stage we can rightly be equated to animals by virtue of our own degradation to that level.

When we rise above the stomach, we have heart, which is the seat of emotions of love and hate, and it has the capacity to ‘feel’ and not to ‘think’. Our identity with religion, sect, ethnicity and country compels us to have a relationship of ‘love’ with those who have the same religious or sectarian or linguistic or ethnic beliefs and we inadvertently (because we ‘think’ from ‘heart’ and ‘feel’ from ‘mind’) ‘hate’ those who do not belong to our beliefs, ethnicity, or country. In this stage, we behave little better, then animals because we socialize. We are now called social animals, because of our social interaction and association with people. I call this stage, ‘PEOPLE’, a stage above animals.

When we further rise above heart, we have ‘mind’ (if we have any, otherwise mostly people have ‘brain’) on top of our body. If we somehow, manage to make use of this seat of intellect, i.e. ‘mind’, we come to realize, ‘WE’ are not, what we think, we are beyond. This is the state, when an individual becomes a ‘MAN’, a stage above, ‘people’.

We see, whosoever is on top is usually running the affairs of a country or an organization or also Almighty Allah Himself is above, who is running the whole universe. That’s why Almighty Allah put the ‘mind’ on top of our body, because HE wanted us, to make it (mind) our ruler.

On the contrary, we have stopped using our ‘mind’ and made our ‘heart’ to rule us through emotions and feelings of love and hate. We are doing, what we are told to do, not by virtue of our own will, but by the thoughts of those, whom we have given, control of our life.

At the end of the day, it is we, who will be held responsible for our deeds, (as we have been gifted with ‘mind’) and not those, who are using us, for their nefarious designs, through their manipulative tactics and brainwashing our minds through emotional blackmail.

So ‘THINK’ through your mind and not by your heart, before you are ‘THOUGHT’ (emotionally blackmailed) by others. Make use of your mind to become an intelligent ‘MAN’ out of the herd of stupid ‘PEOPLE’. Rise above the level of ‘animals and people’ and become, what you actually are, and not, what you are being made, by ‘others’.

When we degrade ourselves from our level of human beings, we call ourselves ‘Social Animal’ and when we like to rise above the level of human beings, we call ourselves Angels. Whereas, Holy Quran calls all human beings over and above ‘animals and angels’, we are the superior creation of Almighty Allah.

Among all living beings; neither animals, nor plants, are called, animal beings or plant beings, respectively, but humans are called ‘Human Beings’. We have to identify, what makes us BEING, as HUMANS.

Bus k mushkil hai her ik kaam ka aasaan hona

Aadmi ko bhi muyassar nahi insaan hona

Sajjad Hussain

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Day and Night

Ever since I learnt English language, I have always heard people saying, day and night. May be its because the day comes first and the night afterwards. When I see, the routine of our lives, our day starts early in the morning and ends late in the evening.

So the phrase, ‘day and night’, coined by whosoever, reflects the concept very well, but the confusion compelled me to put in deep thinking on it, because I have been seeing that the new day begins at sunset according to the Islamic calendar and at mid night according to the Christian calendar.

In my lectures, I create confusion among the students, to let them think and come up with their understanding of the concept being shared. Confusion is a prelude to clarity, so this confusion helps them having a different view for the same concepts being discussed and it also helps me to come up with an explanation to this phrase, ‘day and night’ which follows as under:

This blog is based on this confusion and my understanding of it in a different way. I started thinking over it, to know, why it is like this. My deep thinking ended up in success and I got the answer. You can disagree with my understanding but this is how I [EYE] see things.

I see my day starting in the dark (darkness is symbolic to ignorance and has a negative connotation) and leading into light (light has a positive connotation and knowledge is synonymous to light) makes me feel, that every day I wake up, I am ignorant and lead my day through in search of knowledge. It happens daily and will continue to be so, till the end of my life. That’s why learning is called a process and not a project, because it’s a lifelong activity and everyone has to go through it every day.

So I wake up ignorant and I am required to seek knowledge every single day. But I am so much engaged in my day to day affairs that I seldom have enough time to think and find the answer to these symbols, which are spread all around me. This feeling of ignorance compels me to seek knowledge, as the knowledge I have, is limited and the knowledge spread all around, is unlimited. In my short span of life time, I have to keep struggling to acquire more and more knowledge, which differentiates me from an animal who doesn’t have the power to THINK. So by thinking, I have to fulfill my obligation of being alive. Knowledge is the only parameter to differentiate me from animals and makes a human, human being and not a social animal.

Sajjad Hussain

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My First Ever Quote

My First Ever Quote

I acknowledge the creator of the photo before I begin.

The quote I have come up with came to my mind while I was giving lecture to my class on Ethics.

Sajjad Hussain

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It is said that you have to keep your eyes and ears open all the time to observe and listen, but we normally see instead of observing and hear instead of listening. In order to understand the meaning and difference of observing/seeing and hearing/listening, I have quoted the Oxford dictionary meanings of the 4 words:

Observe: watch (someone or something) carefully and attentively

See: perceive with the eyes; discern visually

Listen: make an effort to hear something; be alert and ready to hear something

Hear: perceive with the ear the sound made by (someone or something)

From the above, it is obvious that we have to put in less effort in seeing and hearing; whereas observing and listening, involves a concerted effort to understand through   deep thinking. And once we pay our all out efforts into deep thinking then we can see something which is otherwise invisible and we are able to hear something on which we never paid attention before.

Life is all about symbols, we see symbols all around us, but we are so much occupied into our day to day affairs that we have lost our mental capabilities to see them and extract the hidden meanings behind these symbols. Everything around us has a story to tell, if and only if, we are willing to listen to them.

While standing in the sunlight outside, if I look inside a shop not properly lit, I am unable to see anything inside. Similarly, at night when I am standing out in the dark and there is light inside the shop, as the bulbs are glowing, I see everything loud and clear. I understand that this is a scientifically proven fact that we are able to see only those things, on which, light is thrown.

Considering this phenomenon as a symbol, I tried to figure out the hidden message behind it in a different way. I consider light as knowledge and knowledge inculcates in you an urge to think positively and the darkness is ignorance and ignorance leaves you wandering in the jungle of darkness and it’s all about negativity. The beauty of this concept is that when you are positive in your thoughts you will either not be looking at the negativity or you would be avoiding it. Whereas when you are in the darkness or ignorance per se, you are able to see the positivity, if you want to.

Nature, I suppose wants us to be positive that’s why even when we are in darkness we are able to see the light but when we are in light, we have difficulty seeing into the dark. Similarly we are depressed, when we have negative thoughts and feelings but during our good times, we seldom care about the dark patches of our life, we have been through. That’s why it is said that ‘tough times don’t last long’, so stay positive, stay fresh and everything would look great.

It’s all about how you see things or to be more precise; observe them, and it will decide how your life is going to be.

Think and comment, more symbolisms to come

Sajjad Hussain

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Career Development

This video was made as a promo for initiating a session on Career Development at PAF KIET, Karachi.

Sajjad Hussain

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Pearls of Wisdom

A video based on quotes shared by Ms Rukhshinda, an eye opener for all of us. a must watch video.

Sajjad Hussain

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Management Vision

This video gives businesses a new diemsion to think and come up with new vision in the wake of growing competition in the business environment. It is also a promo for our joint venture in the name  of VISION I.

Sajjad Hussain

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