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Words don’t have any meaning; it is we who give them the meaning. The meaning of a word changes, as we start looking at it from our own perspective or as we are told by ‘others’. Similarly we have to learn to see the things the way they are and not the way, we like them to be seen or as ‘others’ want us to see them. We can make the right decision only, when we start seeing the things, the way they are.

Whosoever tells us anything, it’s basically based on his own understanding or experience with that particular thing and his intent in most cases would be to convince us to think about that thing, exactly the way he is telling us. We, on our part, have to analyze it and understand it, making use of all our mental faculties and having all the perspectives loud and clear in…

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Universe or Multiverse

The earth where we live and the planets, stars, and galaxies we are planning to explore in future, when combined together are called ‘Universe’.

I am wondering to know if there is life on other planets and they also would be having their own suns and moons then they in their own right are also having a universe of their own.

So if there are more than one Uni-verses, than how come are we calling all other Uni-verses and not Multiverse?

On the artistic side, ‘Uni’ means ‘One’ and ‘Verse’ is a poetic line of an ode or poem. Then I am kind of lost in the beauty of the meanings attached to the words in various language. If we consider the word Universe as right and there is no such thing as Multiverse, then indirectly, out of our subconscious mind we have realized the fact that this whole Universe is a poetic ode praising some ONE who is Unique and one and only.

I am numb and dumb.

Sajjad Hussain

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From Darkness into Light


Sajjad Hussain

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The idea to write this blog on the topic of Dictation, came into my mind when I saw this picture, while making a presentation on, “1 2 3 GO”. I was searching pictures for my presentation and I came across this amazing pic.

Since I started making videos and presentations, I have developed a fascination for pictures and I have discovered a habit in me of giving meaning to the pictures. I am amazed to learn quite a few interesting things out of these pictures, which I will be sharing here on my blogs.

It is said that the pictures, speak louder than words, and this picture says a lot to those who understand the hidden meaning behind the picture.

When we are young, we are told by our parents to follow their advice and advice of those who are our seniors, be it out of respect, cultural norm or whatever, and…

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Dependently Independent

An unusual topic to deal with but I am kind of enthralled after having a deep thought into it.

Neither I am born by virtue of my will nor I am going to die when I want to, but I certainly want to live by my own will.

Does it means that I am on my own, if that is the case then why on earth I could not be born by myself (choose my parents), where I want to and not die (except, when I attempt to commit suicide) when I want to. So I can say say that I am “Dependently Independent”.

Lets take yet another example; while drawing a graph, we put independent quantities on X-axis and dependent values on Y-axis.

If we look at our own body, we have quite a few parts dependent and others independent. For example,  my heart and lungs are independent (whether I like it or not they keep doing their work irrespective of my will) so I can put them on X-axis while my eyes, hands and ears are dependent (because if I don’t want to see something I have the power to close my eyes), so I can put them Y-axis.

Now if I look at the graph closely, X axis is drawn horizontally and Y-axis is drawn vertically leading up. So if I want to rise from my level, I have the power to do so by virtue of the power, I have to control my dependent body parts and rise.

So, if I surrender my will on the ‘FORCE’ who has created me out of my will and who has the power to take my life then probably I will get to know the purpose of my life.

Sajjad Hussain

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From Nothing to Something

I am wondering as to how I can express myself for the topic I have chosen today as my blog. I will continue adding my thoughts in a day or two to complete my blog, so please bear with me.

I am still in the process of composing my thoughts to explain myself in a logical way as my blog is about ‘Logical Thinking’.

I am wondering to know if we really have to prove someone wrong or someone right, but we always do so because we have our own self-proclaimed thinking/feeling that we are right and everyone else, who is not on our side is wrong.

Our understanding of the world (everything included from living to non-living things) started as an art, and as we kept exploring the world, our focus shifted towards from arts to science and now we believe that everything around us has a scientific reasoning in it. For eg., we know that there is air in the air and if someone is unable to see air that does not mean that the air does not exist. So for existence of something, it is not necessary that it has to be tangible as well.

Now let’s suppose the world came into being as a result of big-bang theory i.e. out of nowhere and one D day it will vanish as if it never existed (I am wondering who is going to witness that it does not exist anymore). If we agree to this understanding, I am afraid we will lose sight of our own existence, what will be the motivation for us to be alive. We will be no different than animals.

The basis of science revolves around mathematics and mathematics is based on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, to be more precise either its addition or subtraction, because multiplication and division are the offshoots of addition and subtraction.

0 + 0 = 0

0 – 0 = 0

Now if we suppose there is God then the above equation will become

1 + 0 = 1

1 – 0 = 1

From the above it appears that if there was nothing, there will be nothing but if there was something in the beginning then there will be that something even after nothing is around. You will have to think twice before jumping into the conclusion.

My intent is not to convince you to believe what I am trying to make you understand. I actually want you to ponder, the more you the think the more you will be able to understand the intricacies of life.

Sajjad Hussain

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I am traveling in a MOMENT and imprisoned in time.

Sajjad Hussain

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